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Dodgin’ Dadbods: 5/3/1 SVR II

Gonna do the shakshouka for dinner @Voxel

Right now- 1.25 lbs of beef fried in patties and halved with harissa seasoning and samurai sauce (ketchup mayo and hot sauce) with another 1/3 of that mashed potatoes container.

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By the way- a couple thoughts on this program and other related stuff:

  1. Today, between swimming, prowler sprints, tabata, and the 100 rep sets, I think I gassed myself more than any of the lifting days thus far. I also did a lot of work around the house today, but regardless, it’s amazing to me how many people neglect the conditioning aspect of 5/3/1. This diet would be a recipe for disaster if I wasn’t sweating balls and gasping for air 3-4x a week and was only doing the lifting. I actually kind of look forward to the lifting days and dread the conditioning ones.

  2. Thankfully Nutty’s log has died down again and hopefully just stays there so no more flamefests start, but no matter how you feel about that situation, my log has had about the same level of traffic and the same or even more support and encouragement and helpfulness than his log got, and it’s been in response to me lifting light weights and eating unimpressive amounts of food (relative to many on here). Just some food for thought if anybody believes they need to make themselves out to be something they’re not on here to get kudos around here.

I appreciate all you fatties helping me eat, too.


Good point. I could care less how much weight someone moves around. I enjoy following interesting peoples journey. I hope to help here and there, not interfere, and learn.

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Just a quick thought on the Nutty drama, but mostly on the value of these forums. It occured to me while lurking on that thread that simply putting out a log with basic training in it (whether you did it or not) is of absolutely no value to anyone. We already have more than enough examples out there of people achieving big things, we don’t need more. The value of this site to me is the interaction and engagement of all the regular posters. If I want to see someone lifting something heavier than me, there’s YouTube. This site is for engaging with people.

Also, I’d like to see how that shakshuka turns out because I’m pretty hungry and the food envy is real.


I’m excited for it - I’m not going to cook it until almost 11 pm because I had a late eating schedule today, but I already had eggs, smoked paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, vegetable broth, olive oil, and an onion, so all I had to do was grab a can of diced tomatoes, anaheim peppers and habanero peppers, and feta cheese. Looks like you just sautee the onions and peppers, then add the tomatoes, broth, and spices, let it all cook, and then crack the eggs in and poach them. Then just sprinkle parsley and crumbled feta over it and serve! I love easy recipes, really digging that this one was brought to my attention.

Nailed it!

Not to play Tommy Topper or anything, but I was a bit proud of this moment. Colucci pulled up the threads with the most posts when The Flame Free Confession Thread III opened up. Mark and I made the cut! You know why? Because we work our thoughts out in our logs and ask for help. It’s a place for human interaction. The training is a side note.


Never tried it with cheese, but I think I might be sold on that. Grilled salmon on the side tops it off for me.

And a bit of diced chorizo

I’m probably gonna cook up a thin patty with that .25lbs of meat I have and eat it on the side, possibly with more of that harissa seasoning - would go super well with that dish, I think. Like the grilled salmon though, cool idea.

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I also think it’s because you and Mark also spend plenty of time interacting in OTHER people’s logs. Some people complain that nobody traffics their logs while never giving a shit about what anybody else is doing and expecting everyone else to care about what they’re doing. Give to get kinda thing.


Agree flap - ya only get out what ya put in


Bingo. If I pop into the site and have no notifications then it’s usually because I’ve been absent. If I post stuff in various locations then I’ll have 10 notifications. Funny how that works.


You’ve got a point there. I try to interact with the people I consider my friends on here, even if it’s only to like a post if I have nothing interesting to say.

I think @JMaier31and you and I get traffic because, as pointed out, we don’t just post training but thoughts and ideas around it. We discuss things.


I think the “extra” stuff (non training) actually shows our personality and character. The training stuff is like bullet points. It can be boring. But the life stuff - the thoughts about training and the real stuff with which we’re dealing shows that we’re human.

It’s easy to say “do this and you’ll achieve that”. But when we share that we’re trying to do this to achieve that, but also dealing with other stuff, it gives a more realistic view of progress (and the slow pace at which it happens).


The ‘do this to achieve that’ part is very accurate. Getting better at this, unlike some other pursuits, requires a degree of effort in almost every aspect of life. Simply listing the training part is much less useful without talking about everything else surrounding it.


@Voxel holy shit dude. That was a great dish. 2 Anaheim peppers and a big habanero made that a spicy dish! The eggs were so creamy and amazing, the yolks looked unreal. That is a STAPLE from now on.


I’m glad you liked it! The times I’ve been happiest with the outcome is when I’ve managed to make a really thick sauce where its possible to momentarily make a shallow bowl shape using the back of a big spoon and crack the egg into the void. Now, experiment away and make it your own!

That is a delicious looking meal Flat.
I just googled it, there’s lots of recipes on the web.
I’ll have a go one day, I’m pretty sure.

Another thought on this occured to me today. I don’t know about you, but most of my training logs browsing is done by following the suggested links at the bottom of the logs I regularly follow. If someone doesn’t interact regularly, they won’t feature on those links and I’ll never see those logs.


Yours looks a lot less cholesterol inducing than my version.

I’m horrible at thinking out loud with regards to life stuff. My thought process is too messy, and quick, before I’d be able to get a sentence down I’ve iterated over the thought too many times making the words I was about to put down outdated.

I’m perfectly capable of writing down the process in which I execute on work-items, or put into writing my thought-process when problem-solving. Or share my already established thoughts and views as part of a discussion. I am however thankful for everyone that visits my log, and engages with me there. I wish I was better at being attentive to the words that people leave behind, but usually my mind is already kind of made-up especially with regards to training so I fear I come across as disrespectful when people chime in.

The way reality plays out is, I’ll have fixated on doing something a certain way and then months later I’ll revisit what other people have left behind for me with regards to suggestions and the like.

But I am nevertheless grateful to be a part of this community.

In my teenage years, my girlfriend at the time was part of an online community that no longer exists. It’s origin story was that it was a forum dedicated to hair, specifically dreads if memory serves, but it became more of just an online space for people that were comfortable talking to one another about a lot of different topics. Then, and for years after (even though we had broken up), I’d sometimes think that it would be nice to find something akin to that for myself. Eventually I did. Here.

Granted, their commune was a little smaller than this one. They were all from the same country, and arranged meet-ups every now and again but I understand a few of you in the states have been able to do this from time to time.

TL;DR: Much love for y’all.