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Dodgeball and Bicep Pain


Alright so we have dodgeball teams at school now. I was throwing the ball like mad..and now today like i felt it later in the day around 1pm..My right bicep HURTS, like sore/hurts. This is from throwing as we were playing football after dodgeball and I was throwing the football a lot and my right bicep was really hurting. Is this because I'm not used to throwing stuff. Could this be somewhat beneficial cause like..adds a different stimulus? Why has my arm gotten so sore from throwing. My biceps arent weak either or anything..so this is weird.



Are you sure it was the dodgeball? Maybe it was adjusting your skirt or brushing you long and lovely hair.

Dodgeball? Grow up.


Only 16 bro, got some time for growin up still. But seriosuly...



^^^ What the fuck?!


You guys are forgeting that movie. Dodgeball is cool now in an ironic way I guess.

No, wait. It still isn't cool. My mistake.


What's wrong with dodgeball? I'm over 40 yrs. and I wish I could still play.

Dude, does your PE instuctor allow aiming to the head. Ours didn't, but sometimes when it would be down to just guys, we would go for head shots. The bigger balls are no good, you have to have the smaller ones, about 8 inch in diameter, and pumped up too. Those things fly , and when you hit the guy in the head, he goes lurching back, just like he got blasted with roundhouse right, slamming into the mats behind hanging on the walls, then crumples to the floor. I love head shots.

Harris you pussy, you probably just don't know how to throw.


Yeah dodgeball is fun, and Harris probably throws like a girl.


You guys probably won't believe this, but yesterday, before I read this thread, I throw a small cardboard box at my son and hit him right in the head. YES, HEADSHOT! Man, did I want to laugh, but I could see that it hurt him so I didn't right then. He's tough though, and laughed about it today.

I have to be on my guard now.


Actually from around 10th-12th grade i had that problem from continously throwing footballs/dodgeballs/baseballs. After resting it for a little while it would go away but come back after throwing again, it can get pretty painful. I just played through it and dont have anymore problems since i have stopped throwing frequently, as i graduated last year.

I just quickly googled "bicep pain from throwing" and came up with this, it seems to fit the case perfectly. http://www.ssoc.co.za/biceps-tendinitis.html
Also it would cause pain in my bicep/shoulder area while bench pressing if i threw the day of or before; but like i said before i dont have anymore problems with it.


It's good to know that you're not pretending to be a nutcase. I'm sick of pretend crazy people. I'm glad you're the real thing.



On the original topic, you probably just stretched your bicep when you were throwing. If the rapid extension isn't something you are used to, it will be a bit tender.


Yes Massif, you saw that video clip didn't you? I'm still not sure if that guy was for real or not.

You need to read or new T-Nation poster Bulking Machine, for some more real craziness. Check him out.

dl- What did you expect, you go in to gym class and throw like a fiend without warming up. Just because you're young, doesn't mean you don't have to warm up you know. And when it comes to throwing, you should know if you haven't thrown all week, you won't be able to throw at your peak that day no matter what. Keep your throwing arm in shape by throwing a little every day. Then, when the time comes, fire that little red ball with all you got right at his HEAD. Take him out! It doesn't matter if your PE teacher kicks you out of the game for the rest of the class. A whole period sitting on the sidelines is worth it for one good HEAD SHOT.


Dodgeball (aka Murder ball) is cool. For children and adults!


In New Jersey they banned dodgeball because fags like you get "hurt". comeon stop being a little girl and suck it up.



I've never seen so much concentrated hate for dodgeball in my life. I don't understand it. After all, it's a civilized form of the first T-Sport ever created: rival tribes of simians flinging their poo at each other.

How can you not love it?


No, I throw like a grown-up with a job. Seriously, how about kickball or hide-and-seek?


Awww, see you guys hurt his feelings now. Harris isn't happy unless he is dumping on other people's threads.


Seriously. Who cares what other people think of it anyway? If you like doing it, go nuts. People take themselves way too seriously on here sometimes.


lol I didn't care what Harris thought. Dodgeball is fun and theres teams in schools and all the football players, weightlifting guys and all are all in it. It's pretty sweet. Anyways some kids nose got broken today in dodgeball and it was SO funny. Bad. But friggen hilarious.



Oh hell yeah! I'm down!!!!!