Dodge Ball

I didn’t see any other posts so I thought I’d throw this one out. I went to see Dodge Ball the movie this weekend (very funny). I don’t know if anyone else noticed at the beginning of the flick when Ben Stiller’s character is doing the TV ad for Globo Gym they pan by the "store and what’s in the window? A Red Kat and Testosterone T-Shirt. The Red Kat is pretty clear but if you don’t know the look to the the Testosterone shirt you’d miss it. Good job on product placement guys…any rewards for “finding Waldo” (yes I’m shameless)


Yes I saw it, I tried to post it the day the movie came out but the post didn’t go through. Very good movie too.

There have been several posts on this, plus either TC or Chris mentioned it in his web log.

It was a good movie though!

That movie was hilarious, definitely worth seeing! I dont think I stopped laughing during the entire movie.