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Documented Cases of Evolution



I'm reposting this link because I think quite a few on here might find it useful in their real life discussions about evolution. I know I've ctainly encounted the argument "yeah, well, evolution is just a theory! We've never seen one species turn into another". Now I have a list of more than ten examples right at my fingertips :slightly_smiling:

By the way, I'm not interested in debating evolution on here because after reading some of the arguments on the other thread, I realized that people are just spewing out old arguments and not actually reading real information posted. This thread is not for those people. This is for those who just want to read a link and be provided with a resource.


Examples doesn't make it not a theory, It makes it a more sound one.

And, this does it. I now definitely don't believe in god...

These discussions are always so unproductive.


Just read the link.


Why would he read the link? He didn't bother to read the OP.


Evolution will always be a theory. Granted it's a damn good theory, but the nature of it will never let it rise above theory status. You cannot isolated enough variables, nor extrapolate it's metaphysical components because it's all based on observation.
That doesn't mean it's wrong at all, it's just never going rise to the status of a 'law'. Evolution certainly makes sense to me...


I read both. My response was intended as satire.

Dropping a ball once doesn't prove that every ball ever dropped as well as ever one that never was dropped would do the same.

You can't prove a theory, it's just the nature of the game.


Sorry. It is hard to tell around here sometimes.


Evolution for dummies.


Haha at that movie. I hope someone enjoyed the link.


Problem of induction which I find ironic since it was formulated by David Hume who tried to define miracles out of existence.


That was his whole "thrid" element of causation thing. I have always liked Hume. He always painted himself into corners, but he always admitted it.


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