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Documentary on Lemmy from Motorhead


I was just messing about on Youtube and found that there's a movie about Lemmy coming out soon.

It says 2009, so hopefully it'll be out soon. Anyone heard anything about this?


Don't know if you saw it, but during their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech the four guys in your avatar recommended that Motorhead be inducted as well, along with some other bands like Rush.


It's gonna have to be pretty damn good to come anywhere near as awesome as the Anvil documentary. If you haven't seen that one yet...find it and watch it. You will not be disappointed.


RUSH isn't in the hall of fame ?!?!?!


Motohead rocks.


It' that "no Canadians allowed rule"(don't blame me, I did'nt make it)
Ace Of Spades is the first record i ever bought.....Motorhead is still awesome


Yeah, I finally saw Anvil a couple of weeks ago, had wanted to see it for months. I hope it's helped them, as I couldn't help feeling really sorry that they didn't get the recognition they deserve.


Finally something me and Sen Say can agree on.

Someone post a picture of Snaggletooth!