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Documentary Films


I love a good documentary

Who doesn't?

Fire in any docs that you feel will enlighten or possibly titillate ones mind.


Be warned this one is rather disturbing


Quite a few here.


The Fog of War was really a really good documentary about the mind set of one of the top US military war advisors.


Cropsey, the boogie man of staten island


Bill Mahrs Religulous



Zeitgeist Addendum.


If you are into sports

pretty much all the 30 for 30 docs are well done


Those ESPN ones are nice.
Religulous has some very funny shit in it, see if theres vids of it.
0:35, 1:35 is funny

This one is the funniest tho


That one reminds me of a guy who hails from a small town in Scotland called Greenock

He's called The Catman of Greenock

Check it



no doubt ill check it out...that link is great btw (doc heaven)


Aye it's a treasure trove.

The prison section is an eye opener.

Check out 'Gladiator Days'.


Ken Burns' Baseball is one of the best documentaries ever.

I just finished Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, and really enjoyed it.

I am going to watch It Might Get Loud in the next few days.


Ancient Aliens on the History Channel:


Seriously fantastic IMO. It's like all of our current technology and all ancient civilizations are influenced by extra-terrestrials.


Breakfast With Hunter is a really good documentary about Hunter S. Thompson


"When You're Strange" A fantastic docu about the rise of the Doors, and especially Jim Morrison.


I just realized that Julian Assange is actually Bill Maher =O


Holy shit how has nobody mentioned 'Food, Inc.' yet? Awesome documentary.


I've seen Gladiator Days. It's pretty eye opening. I also really liked "Overnight", about the rise and fall of the guy who wrote Boondock Saints. I personally don't get why people like the movie, but the doc is really interesting. There are a handful I enjoy but my brain's on auto-pilot so I'll get back later.


cocaine cowboys was a decent watch


"This Film is Not Yet Rated" is pretty good.


The Truth About Killing. This was actually posted in a thread here on T-Nation.

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