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I was wondering if there is any doctors here on the forum? I just had a few questions regarding policies and different things? I don’t want to be wasting space on the forum, maybe if any of you could pm me?

At least two doctors I can think of hang out here, mostly on the roid forum: SWALE and DocT.

Ok thanks paul T. Appreciate your reply!

DocT is not a real doctor. He just plays one on the forum. In reality he is a mild mannered janitor who has a very worn library card.

MBE: “Clarimifying. Since 1466.”

Unfortunately MBE IS a monkey in real life. Somehow the little guy learned to type with his toes, and we’ve all been the worse for it ever since.

Krystian, if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.

You’ve heard the expression “A million monkeys at a million typewriters could…”

Now we have our answer…MBE!