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Doctors Won't Refer Me to Endocrinologist

Im Almost 24, I lost maybe 10-20 lbs lean muscle over a years time. After platueing in the gym for almost a year straight with strength losses, I got some bloodwork. I’m in Canada so they didn’t want to give it to me. I told my doctor if I had decent testosterone levels I would not start my AAS cycle. So he wanted to prove a point to me and keep me away from abusing AAS I suppose, so he gave me the bloodwork. I got the bloodwork and the doctor told me that my low test symptoms are from my depression. And he told me to start back on my anti-depressants.

I asked to be referred to an endocronologist and he basically told me that he would run bloodwork every month for 3 months and if my test was below 5 nnol/ml he will refer me. I got a second opinion a few days later and the doctor now gave me blood work for testing of HIV, HEP and all that jazz… but not my testosterone, he then told me “Dont worry about your testosterone, you’re still young”, even after he read the blood work. Why won’t they help me at all with this?! P.S if I left out some information i am sorry it’s my first post.

Because TRT is not what they do. You need to find a doctor that specializes in TRT.

Plus, you need a lot more (complete) lab work prior to going to TRT.

Are you in Canada?


That’s what I thought. Lifelabs tests. The few trt clinics here seem to refuse anyone under 35. I’m 43 and I had to jump through hoops with the endo. Almost a year before he finally prescribed. Insist for a referral to an endo. If your family dr. won’t then just go to a walk in clinic and ask for a referral. They will. What city are you in?

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5 nmol is nonsense. Treatment is expected for anything under 8 nmol. And can be recommended for ranges 8-12 nmol.
Worse case scenario you might have to self medicate. Trust me you don’t need much. 72 mg every five days brings my test levels to 33.3 nmol. I started at 11.9 nmol 7 months ago.

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Why are you wasting your time. Find a private trt doc and get out of this sick care system. Endocrinology are not hormone specialists.

Depression pills is probably why you have low t symptoms. Your docs a fuck stick and should be thrown out with the trash. Idiot to suggest starting pills again.

Don’t do it and find a legit clinic or doc.

You will be guaranteed trt if you stay focused on aas. A few temporary pounds of muscle and a better temporary look for years of Trt is not worth it.

If you weee not in ssri long you might recover. Focus on health and ask the boys at pharmacy how they would try to reboot.


Trenton, Ontario. I spoke with doctors in Hamilton aswell.

TRT specialist? i keep trying to find a good one (endo that knows about it and have experience) but i end up feeling like going private is where you find them.

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Depression doesn’t cause muscle loss, you shouldn’t be condemned to suffer. Your doctor is blowing smoke up your ass, they most likely don’t know the first thing about prescribing TRT and would rather not because they might do more harm than good, trust us we know.

Depression is expected and common among those with low testosterone. Your levels are below the reference ranges and you do qualify for TRT according to the guidelines. It’s your age that is the heart of the problem, doctors will generally refuse TRT to very young men.

What you need is a new private doctor, you’ll be wasting time going to see endos, most are not very knowledgeable in TRT and are scared shitless to be involved with TRT and want nothing to do with it.

Serum Testosterone Levels and Symptom-Based Depression Subtypes in Men

The atypical depressive subtype showed significantly lower T levels compared with the melancholic depressives. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that there may be subpopulations of men vulnerable to depression in which hypogonadism is a contributing factor. Some studies showed that low T levels were specifically associated with subthreshold depressive disorders, such as dysthymia or minor depression.

So your doctor will approve TRT when you drop below 5 nmol/L, my father is 86 years old and scores 10.16, doubt you’ll be in good shape when you hit 5 nmol/L. There’s cardiovascular risk <15.268 according to a meta analysis, if your doctors were educated on the matter they would know these facts.

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Yes, that is correct. You want someone who only does hormones, not necessarily one who does TRT only. They can treat women, testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, thyroid, etc. Whatever they call it, an anti-aging, performance, hormone balancing type of practice.

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If I was losing muscle, I would be depressed. If I was losing strength, I would be depressed. If I had a poor libido, I would be depressed. If I was tired all the time, I would be depressed. If I was fat, I would be depressed.

If I went on anti-depressants, I would continue to lose muscle and strength, no sex, be fatigued and gain weight. But with a brain chemical screwing with my brain, I wouldn’t care. Problem solved!


Thank you everyone one for the great advice!

thanks for replying mate.

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They are switching to online access to your medical info in Ontario. If your doctor isn’t, change. I was born in Hamilton and all of my family is around there. You can get anything you want, you just have to look a little.

A list of TRT Clinics

Or this guy

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