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Doctors Who support TRT/HRT in CA?


I remember a website back in the day that had a list off all doctors who supported and or, did hrt/trt, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good docs that would possibly accept insurance out here in california, in order to get labs ran and possibly see if i fall under the category to go into hrt or trt?

all info would be helpful towards my obtaining answers as to what is causing my issues:

fits of rage and anger no no particular reason,
low sex drive, ( i mean come on who would turn down there wife after not having any for over a month? ME!)
bad, and i mean put holes in the walls, mood swings

and the list could go on and on,

I just wanted to reach out to u fellow T-Nationers, to see if anyone could giude me towards a decent doc who hopefully is not too far from where i live?



Yes, those are symptoms of low T and or elevated E.

In Goggle Earth, zoom into your region and enter "compounding pharmacy" in the "fly to" box, examine the websites looking for those with male HRT info, health surveys and offers for referrals. Tell them about your insurance issues and your protocol preferences. These pharmacies know the docs who understand.

Now asking for all such docs in California was silly.


I think this is by far the best advice i have gotten on this subject!! VERY APPRECIATIVE!! REPPED++9 MILLION!

I know it was silly of me to ask about all the docs in cali, but i just wanted to state where i lived so people did not chime in and say this or that doc in tin buck too is great, and me have no way to get there:)


KS man, In the term of referrals, do i just ask the compounding pharmacy for a doctor referral, or if they can refer me to a doctor?



Yes, this also often brings business back to them. They seem to be genuinely interested in mu experience. Some offer to make referrals on their web pages.


AWESOME! sent out a couple emails last night and already have a referral!!