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Doctors Warning

“Strength ‘4’ Life” - you are an absolute moron.

You have always been a moron.

You always will be a moron.

Every post you have made has been moronic and this just takes the piss.

Do you not even realise that you haven’t mentioned WHAT may harm your kidneys - and that every reply to your post is just taking the piss out of you?

HAHAHA my bad. Yes I feel very retarded after missing that!!! HAHA Yes I was talking about creatine. Wow Waylander I agree with you on this one.

/face palm…

If someone can post some /facepalm pics I think it would really contribute to this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Stength4life wrote:
bushidobadboy wrote:
waylanderxx wrote:
OP, I constantly try to give you the benefit of the doubt when you post, and say to myself “No one can really be that stupid”, but I’m done trying to come up with excuses for you.




Do the math.[/quote]

Well done.

Sorry guys I do this sort of thing alot. I’m also the clumsy guy who spills alot and loses his dam keys almost every day. It’s an everyday battle but I’m progressing. The ironic part is, I am actually really bright. I’m just incredibly unorganized.

Driving is dangerous too…did he suggest you stop that. Also…I bet he’s getting drunk right now.

my response to this doctor:

your doctor also probably believes that eggs will kill you…get a new one