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Doctors Warning


I went this morning.He said he has had patients my age fuck up their kidneys with it. It's kind of hard to keep taking it once a medical practitioner says to your face that it is harmful. I think I'm still gonna take it.


Interesting, very interesting. It must be very harmful. You probably shouldn't use it anymore, just in case it has harmful effects on your kidneys.


what are you talking about? protein powder?


Ya I had a doctor tell me that oral contraceptives are for girls and not for guys too...
Rolls eyes


OP, I constantly try to give you the benefit of the doubt when you post, and say to myself "No one can really be that stupid", but I'm done trying to come up with excuses for you.



OP whats this thing thats gonna fuck up your kidneys..The "Roid Monster"


He really is retarded isn't he?


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I appreciate the honest feedback. Please elaborate though,because as far as I'm concerned I see nothing stupid about what I posted.



Do the math.


what the hell are you talking about?


Well 1, you didn't fucking post what your talking about


water...he is talking about water. scary shit that stuff is!


By "it" I hope you mean Arsenic.


A sentence usually requires a subject which other statements can refer to.

You just typed a bunch of nonsense and forgot to tell anyone what you are talking about.


if you're talking about protein...


Reminds me of this.


what are you talking about?


I'm going to guess he is talking about Creatine. Everyone knows its like powdered steroids.


you're missing a subject. what is "it"?