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Doctors Warn GM Foods Bad to Eat




That article says it was written in the year 9.


our food crops ALREADY contain large amounts of GM species...soybeans (not that WE "T-Nationers" eat this), corn, canola oil....maybe that explains why we have so many F'ed up people now days? theyre all getting screwed by the food crops being GM haha...check out wikipedia...but seriously id be more concerned about a company getting a patent and thus a monopoly on a food crop and driving prices sky high!

good info here too:

also, did you take a look at home page? rense.com?? pretty funny stuff...he does support hemp though!! thats a plus!


Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have been eating food made by General Motors. I should have realized something was amiss when I kept finding fuel injector nozzles in my oats.


lol..Maybe GM was trying to copy the success of cracker jacks...


This is old news, no? Well it is in the UK anyway..........



one would think the information would have become slightly dated over the last two thousand years.


I don't eat corn or soy, so that's a plus. It mentioned to avoid canola oil - that's in just about everything! That means cheerios are GM too.