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'Doctors Should Prescribe TRT Only for Sexual Dysfunction'

The Dark Ages. Non Clinical Science Getting Worse

There is a conceded effort to restrict the use of hormones which is seen unpopular with doctors. The demonization and devalue of TRT in western medicine continues.

I think the protocols guys are prescribed have everything to do with a lack of improvement, after all the guidelines say 200mg every 2 weeks.

True. It’s scary how ignorance prevails.

There’s problems here… even with a lack of symptomology (regarding sexual function)… low T levels are strongly correlated with a variety of comorbidities, whether the relationship is casual or direct is unknown, however in relation to frailty etc at old age, testosterone directly supports the maintenance of a healthy level of muscle mass…

Numerous issues that TRT can help such as abnormal response to insulin (shitty insulin sensitivity), low BMD, fatigue etc can be balanced out with a cocktail of medications… but long term the healthier option is clearly to find the root cause and grab it from there

I am very disappointed to see these guidelines being released in 2020…

Furthermore, with fertility rates dropping (avg man has about 50% sperm count and a far lower T level compared to his grandfathers), ref ranges, accepted normality will continually dwindle… something needs to be done… I wonder if the next evolutionary step will be the demasculinisation of men (joking here), but imagine… all men have narrow shoulders, entirely lack secondary sexual characteristics, high voices, low muscle mass… a two inch penis will be the norm…


Dude it’s called millennial’s. Look at the Mail frame of the millennials versus the men are the same age group in the 40s through the 70s.


There is a group of people that are utterly destroying the meanings of the words “evidence” and “science” and… it’s not who you think.

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No, there’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes throughout the millennial era

You’re focusing on the irritating hipster douchebag subtype, it’s the minority though, not representative of the majority.

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Well if the election of the current president is any indicator, the majority has no vote or pull in most things.

Don’t confuse that with being anti-trump. :wink:

None of my nephews (5) act like men, even the adopted ones, they are still children approaching 30. Even their laughs are childlike. The environment and everything in it shapes who we are.

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There is a total disregard of the massive environmental contamination we experience due to the food industry and technological advance. I know some guys that are in good health very well into health and fitness coaching other people but believe all this is nonsense. They do not believe food is worse than ever, air is worse than ever, the radiation from all electronic devices around us fucks us worse than ever and even make fun of people talking about that.
And then we have the falling hormone levels and all the people disregarding that in the same time talking about diabetes and cardio vascular diseases prevention.
Crap, is it so difficult to put two and two together?

Also IQs are dropping decade on decade in the civilized world and no one seems to have any idea why. For one thing Testosterone correlates with spatial reasoning, and everyone knows that is a measured component of IQ. For a second thing, we know Testosterone levels are also dropping.

Bottom line IMO there are very influential groups out there who despise the concept of masculinity and want to keep people in the dark long enough to enact “change”.

I neither support nor deny somebody is doing this on purpose. Im not convinced and have not seen enough evidence for that.

For me the main reason is economic and money making

When you die, Testosterone production goes to zero. But The scientific community needs to hold itself to a more rigorous standard. And they need to manage to an entire population. Not just a subset of T-nation bros. I think its promising that sexual desire and function are priorities for the medical community. Lets be honest here guys, its top of the list on why we end up on T. Not many people end up here saying that they are crushing it daily with the best erections of their life…but feel a little tired at the office and have trouble focusing so maybe throw in some T.

Its kind of sad to see an entire generation thrown under the bus for circumstances entirely out of their control(the world the previous generations gave them full of all these supposed hormone disrupting chemicals). And its funny to see guys on here who Im sure would mock the hell out of ‘woke’ culture on one hand…yet fall into the trap of a woke fallacy that the entire medical community is in some ‘concerted’ not ‘conceded’ @systemlord effort to demonize hormones. For the most part they do their best within the confines of the scientific method and what is best for society as a whole.


I inhabited the world of hipster douche-bag millennials. I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for many years during the hipster/millennial heyday (it’s officially been over for a while, folks) and it was like an awful assault on the eyes/ears/brain! It truly was ground-zero for global millennials. In particular, the type of millennial hyped in the media.

And currently I work in an office building that is three floors of Amazon employees, two floors of Facebook employees, and 8 floors of a media company. These companies are where millennial hipsters (now in their 30s) go to die a slow death in their Rag-and-Bone wardrobes and vintage Nike high-tops.

ANYWAY: (rant over) - I have to admit that I agree with you. The media idea of the millennial is actually a minority of what true millennials actually look like (and work like). Like every generation, they are all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of good (and bad) ideas. Although the phrase “act like a man” has always confused me - I eventually saw that millennials did indeed have a different idea of what that phrase meant, and although it was sometimes confusing, it was also sometimes enlightening.

I now live in Queens (only two miles from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but a world away) - and at my fairly hardcore gym I’m surrounded by 30-something millennials who value their masculinity, lift heavy and correctly, and would never be caught dead with a man-bun or a excruciatingly manicured beard. The media isn’t interested in that, though. Because it’s kinda real and kinda boring.

And regardless of what we think about them, millennials are a lucky bunch. With our decades of anecdotal, real-world experience, and the availability of evidence-based nutrition and fitness science, they have a body of knowledge that we simple didn’t have. Although we are constantly battling idiotic studies like the one mentioned above, at least the research is being done and evaluated continually. And, I think, millennials have our generation to thank for that!

It seems as if endocrine disruptors may play a role in the declining levels of T among young males, but its more than that. There is an obesity epidemic ongoing which is predominantly caused by the way we life our lives and by the way we educate our children.

Childhood obesity is reaching almost 20% in the USA. In some states 35% of the 10 to 17 year old kids are obese. Kids are sitting in front of cellphones and computers instead of going out and running around because parents are busy with their jobs or they are overweight as well. They eat fast food and drink liters softdrinks. There are currently around 30 million of diabetes type II patients in the US alone.

Its easy to blame EDCs or incompetent doctors or the pharma industry. The majority of person (not all of course) could live happy and drug-free lives if they took more care about their health and the environment they live in.


My biggest regret in hindsight

You should see the movie “Idiocracy”. We’re getting dumber by the minute.

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The sad thing is it wasn’t intended to be a documentary. :frowning:

  1. These guidelines are no more strict that previous guidelines; for that matter, practically, they dispel certain myths. Echo chamber analysis generally doesn’t lead to broader inquiry and consideration.

  2. Male math capacity tends to increase with low testosterone, not decrease.

  3. Association is not causation. Anyone who believes that obesity is generally caused by low testosterone, rather than the other way around, must not buy into evolution. At the same time, chronic stress lowers testosterone in most men (in addition to contributing to obesity, mental illness, etc. And as much as people malign the youth of today, by historical measure they are more stressed than any generation in the post WWII era. Fact is, there is no rational hope that the supermajority of them will ever be able to attain any substantial wealth in life, most will not be able to retire, etc. All that before getting into the drama of politics and popular culture.

This is interesting. @rwr410, do you have anything I can read about this??

My son, who hasn’t gone through puberty yet, scored in the 99.8th percentile for kids 6-16 in the Visual Spatial portion of a recent nuero-psych exam. He got all but one question correct in the section and the only reason he got the last one wrong was because he didn’t complete the last question in the allotted time. The tester let him go too see if he could answer and he did, getting it correct… But he didn’t get credit because expired time.

If testosterone is responsible for this, I wonder if he’s producing more than normal for his age.