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Doctors Receive Payments From Drug Companies


A Pro Publica investigation shows that many doctors are being paid by the same drug companies whose medicines they prescribe. By 2013, all doctors must report any payments from pharmaceutical companies to the federal government, and those records will be available to the public.



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Extremely misleading. The piece is referring to doctors who give what are called 'drug talks.' There are very, very few such doctors in the country--only a handful, relatively speaking. Of the many hundreds of doctors I personally know, exactly one is such a speaker. (I would encourage any- and everyone reading this thread to ask their personal physician if s/he is on the payroll of a pharmaceutical or medical-equipment company. I will be surprised if even one is identified in this manner.)

As for the physicians who attend such talks, we are fully aware of the speaker's financial relationship with the sponsoring company--the speaker always discloses the relationship at the beginning of the talk (required by law), the drug company's name/logo is plastered on the PowerPoint slides, and the local drug rep for the company is there, schmoozing everyone. Thus, while these talks are always research-based and informative, when the speaker gets to the part about his drug's advantages over its competitors, the info is taken with a grain of salt. The speakers know this of course, and are aware that they risk offending/alienating their audience if they push the envelope too far when touting their drug. For this reason, truly misleading claims are a rarity at such talks--both the speaker and the company are too concerned with their credibility to risk it.


So people are making a living in their chosen field?

That is an atrocity!

Amazingly enough, I don't get mad when I go to a car dealership and someone tries to sell me a car either.


Hi guys, sorry this is my first time posting but I have loved this site for ages!!!
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Doctors = BAD

You are too stupid to understand, obviously.


While I do have some sympathy for that position, this is not a carte blanche.

There are limits.

And, stealimg some wisdom from Mohammeds Hadith, it is probably best not to explore the grey areas.


It is not even that simple. A study of the issue strongly supported the finding that it is no the audience that is the true target of the Drug Company...it is the speaker!
Over a long period of time, the audience's prescribing habit are not much changed after such talks. But the speaker's prescriptions for the drug dramatically rise.

Familiarity breeds, not contempt, but prescriptions.