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Been having this problem for the past couple weeks and won’t seem to go away.

It all started when i went to church with my fiance. I wasn’t feeling too great b/4 we went in but once we got in there i started feeling hot, which made my stomach feel even more upset. I started sweating and my vision was weird. It was like i could only focus in on what was right in front of me. Anyway, i end up walking out and going back to the car, where i felt alot better.

Couple weeks later, i still feel funny and get hot, almost feeling like i could pass out, whenever i think about going or do go into a public place. Like last night we were just in walmart and i didn’t feel like i was gonna pass out but just wanted to sit down. When i get this feeling, my stomach will start feeling weird, my vision will be less focused, and my legs and arms will start to feel hot and tired. And i have an overly sensitive gag feeling in my throat.

I don’t know if there is something physically causing this, or if it is just some type of anxiety attacks, and its all in my head.

Yes, I do have a doctors appointment coming up to check me out, just wandering if anybody had any comments.

Sounds like a mild Social Anxiety Disorder or agoraphobia. You’re doctor will undoubtedly prescribe Paxil and send you on your way. SSRIs like Paxil can drain ALL the emotions from your life along with the negative ones so avoid them if you can. Schedule a few sessions with a therapist and read up on the issue to help you understand what’s going on in your head. Avoid caffeine and booze. Make sure to exercise, eat right and get good sleep (I know, DUH).

Listen to your doctor of course but ask about a mild relaxant like Neurontin (GABApentin) before you start a regime of SSRIs that you’ll have to stay on for months. I’ve been through this along with several friends and it tends to be temporary. Try to realize when you start to feel symptoms that there is no real danger or cause for concern. Your mind can relax your body once you accept that.

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thanks, whats causes something like this? just that one time and now i’m nervous whenever i go in public. i’ve never felt that way before.

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