Doctor's Order- 3 Month Cycle of Test - Need advice!

Hey everyone, long time, first time.

To make a long story short I had a motorcycle accident back in Dec '07. Broke a bunch of bones, had a bunch of surgeries.

After doing physical therapy for almost a year now I’m at a point where I’m in good enough condition to get back in the gym and put back on that 20lb of muscle that I lost due to the muscle atrophy from the surgeries.

My doc is putting me on a 3 month cycle of Testosterone (1 shot a week for 3 months). Since I have been all natural my whole life and never done any type of AAS before I have no clue what I’m getting myself into.

So I come to ask you guys (the pro’s) for a little advice. My objective is to benefit the maximum I can while on this cycle. Meaning, increase my strength, and muscle mass that I lost from the accident plus a few extra lbs of muscle wouldn’t hurt.

My questions are as followed:

  1. How should my workouts look while on the test? How many exercises, sets and reps should I be doing PER Muscle?

  2. As far as my diet is concerned, should I keep it to about 1gm protein per 1lb of weight while on the test too?? How about my carb intake?? Does that really matter, or will the test take care of the bulking part as long as I have enough protein for the muscles to recover.

  3. What are the chances that I will actually keep most of my gains when I get off the test, and what can I do to help keep them?

I am not sure the exact amount of test he will be putting me on but he said that I will be able to put back on that 20lb of lost muscle back on no problem!

Sorry if I’m being really particular. I just want to benefit the most while I’m on the test as possible since this is my first time – I have been out of the gym for almost 10 months now and I want to come back hard!

If there is anything else that you advice or recommend me doing while I start my workout program back up on test, feel free to let me know.


You do know that there are 100s articles on this site that answer your questions.