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Doctors on Meat


i once asked a doctor about healthy diet.now this guy was no ordinary doctor,but big heavily mucled man.
Although it was meant as a joke,do you think there are deeper implications?




WTF Man?
We all know carrots are for the eyes ; )

Your a chatty guy ah?


I'll let this Doctor on my meat.


Gee, you mean I need to eat da dere proteinz to grow?!

Dude, I'd eat small children to continue to grow.


Either English is the doctor's second language or his grammar sucks?


I get so depressed everytime I see a new Balbos thread. I just know the second I read it my IQ will actually drop a few points.

This one is not an exception...

Do we have awards for Troll of the Year? He's only been a member for three days and he's already a contender.


Come on man I got that fortune cookie last night, don't pass it off on your doc.


Was carrot his pet name for you ?




Maybe another transformation of Will? I am not sure, but it is possible.


Sweet fu

Did you know that Gorillas are vegetarians.




Why don't you tell these little anecdotes to your buddies at "the gym" and spare us the blather unless they are impressed?


I guess that doctor has never eaten a carrot then? What's wrong with you, and why are you so stupid?


did you know that cows can live off grass and we cant because we cant digest cellulose. simplistic cross-species comparisons are pointless.


This is not meant for Balbos in particular, but this quote should go up there with "Lightpower", "Tubesteak" and "Boogie"...it's so brilliantly T-Nation....

"What's wrong with you and why are you so stupid? Lightpower Tubesteak Boogie!!" It's like a little themesong.