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Doctors in Kansas City Area?

Hey everyone, I’m a 47 year old male, live in Overland Park, KS, and looking for a doctor who knows WTF he is doing with regards to hormone replacement. Currently stocked up with test cypionate and injecting 2x per week but I could really use some more guidance. I’ve been to a couple of the popular Low T clinics but they didn’t seem any more knowledgeable than me.

These low T clinics on average have very poor knowledge and are staffed by wantabe doctors who probably took a crash course on the weekends.

Defy Medical, an anti-aging telemedicine clinic may be an option for you, Defy staffs competent hormone doctors that can run circles around ordinary endocrinologists and are the top in their field.

Dr. Saya and Dr. Calkins are very knowledgeable in endocrine disorders.

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Dr. Donald Braun has a clinic in Leawood, KS that he just opened up a year or so ago. He was my Dr. here in Burlington before he relocated closer to KC to open his own clinic.

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Where would doctors get adequate training on TRT? Do you think PCPs get it in school or residency? Endocrinologists? Urologists?

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I’m interested in the answer to this also.

It’s a she. A good friend of mine swears by her. Fixed him and his wife. She is in Lawrence:

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Education in sex hormones is optional, but hormones are paid little attention in medical school. I know there are doctors teaching hormones like Dr. Rob Kominiarek, he teaches how to manage someone’s hormones but also how to document why you are going down a particular path towards treatment and back up your action with clinical studies to protect yourself from big brother.

Private doctors must be very careful because they are operating outside the traditional medical system and follow a slightly different set of rules since insurance companies are cut out of the loop. Another point is if you are going to be specializing in hormones, you more than likely will not be working in sick care because you will be less effective do to insurance companies breathing down your neck.

Private doctors are more forward thinking and have more medical freedom and is the more ideal choice when looking for go on TRT or thyroid treatment.

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Do you know where Dr. Kominiarek teaches hormones? Or in what format? At medical schools?

You could ask around and see if anyone you know is on TRT and ask them who they see for their care. Do you lift? A gym is a good place to find guys on TRT if for no other reason that there are plenty of guys on TRT in that environment. Someone is bound to be able to give you a referral.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. As most of you know, it’s difficult finding a doctor that “gets it”, especially one inside my sick care medical insurance plan.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that will be next to impossible, not that they do not get it, some do. But, for you to be covered under insurance there must be a formal diagnosis of hypogonadism. For that your total testosterone level must be below the established range that your lab uses. If bottom range is 250ng/dL, and you are at 260, you are “low, but within normal”. If the doctor submits that as hypogonadism, it is fraud.

Even it you are at 240, approved treatment will be 200mg every 2-4 weeks. If prescribed dosing every two weeks and if allowed to self inject, you could go to 100mg per week. However, the vast majority of guys doing TRT take 150-200mg per week, so 100mg may not be enough. But, it would be worth a try. Often, after levels are up and within range, it is decided that you are now fine and do not need test any longer.

I really hate seeing this happen over and over.
That's not how this works
It is usually always PCPs Bec they lack the basic understanding of the endocrine system. You generally don’t see urologists or endos making this basic mistake.

Maybe, but the real reason is that insurance companies understand the economic system………always on the lookout to find a reason to deny claims.