Doctors Diagnosing Gyno?

what doctors can diagnose you with gyno and give you a recipe for clomid, nolva or whatever for treating it? is it even plausible?

i think i might have a small case of the condition going on naturally with puberty (19 yo atm.), being at about 20% BF i dunno if i am just prone to fat storage in the particular place or if it should be reversed before permanent lumps develop or some thing.

take a look at the gyno sticky, you will rethink your question. i went to a doctor about this at age 15, he said it will go away with age, but the more research i do about it, the more i think im just going to need surgury.

clomid and nolva wont do much for you, depending on how long youve had it.

Pubertal gyno is not the tits at all. (paradox intended) I’m 23 and I still have it from when I was 13 or 14. Surgery is my only option I know for sure.


there are no lumps and stuff, just the nips are quite big i suppose, the skin being very thin on them makes the fat look puffy :confused: after a cold shower all looks normal, as soon as it gets warmer the skin gets loose again, i’m in the process of going below 14% bf atm and perhaps that’ll help. bodybuilding gals have no natural boobs so why should i ??? :smiley: :smiley:

i bet any form of testosterone injected would make it go further fast though :smiley: i’m thinking of doing bold and winnie after a few years if i’m still in the gym as devoted as for the last few years.

[quote]Dylanj wrote:
take a look at the gyno sticky, you will rethink your question.[/quote]

i have read megabytes of info on roids and stuff… inclooding the sticky… i thought blocking out the extra estrogen that comes with increased T in puberty could be of some use as i could just have a sensitive receptor area over there or some thing :confused:

I got my endocrinologist to give me a perscription for tamoxifen for a few months for gyno. May have put a dent in it but feel like once i stopped taking it flared up again eventually. Plus did some damage to my liver but that resolved itself over time.

As far as im concerned surgery is my only option right now.

damn the famine side … :smiley: