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Doctors Crack Me Up

ok so now that I am feeling a little better I get my E2 and free test checked. No word on E2 but my test was 734 WOO HOOO! Much better than the 311 6 months ago!

Now my moron doc wants me to go 100mg every other week so I level out at say 650 or so. Uh…no.

650 is a good number. If you can keep your E2 around 20, life rocks.

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Time for a new Dr.

yeah to me 100mg eow isn’t a good thing. Too much up and down, it will be like being on the rag for a week I would think.

Your doctor is an idiot. Get a new doctor.

With regular doctors you never know what you’re going to get. My family Dr had me on 200mg a week and didn’t even want to bother with labs!

[quote]KNB wrote:
Your doctor is an idiot. Get a new doctor.[/quote]

Yeah I am going to get him to write me another script for 3x 30 ML of test again then dump him lol :slight_smile:

Everyother week of any dose sucks big time.

Every other week did suck.