Doctors [ART]

Lets get a thread going about good docs in your area. Good Chrio and Good ART are so hard to find.

I live in columbus Ohio and can’t find good doc to save my life. I tried the ART site but nothin really comes up fo this area. Can anyone help me? I’m willing to drive 2-3hrs if it’s a worthwhile Doctor.

Post your ART/Chiro practioner and lets help peolple get good treatment!

I used to go to a guy when I lived in LA. DR. Amato he was awesome you can look him up at

Lets hel each other out

Dr. Barry Arvidson
Tilton, NH

Great guy; you can locate him through the Active Release homepage.

If you are even close to GA check out Dave Radeszewski. He has literally saved my training life. He has cured patellofemoral syndrome, a badly pulled hamstring, impingement in my shoulder, separated shoulder (this one was amazing), and tendinitis in my wrists. The patellofemoral syndrome, and tendinitis in my wrist was something that I had been struggling with for six months. I mean i was in agony. He fixed both in one day. I dont have his number handy but search on and you will find him.

If you are having problems then you can try a sports massage studio,located 1415 demorest,it is next door to the old Westside gym,and a lot of the lifters there used them to fix any problems they were having with shoulder,back etc.Sorry do not have contact number,hope this helps.

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Anyone else know of any good ART?

Rob Mason, Mendham , NJ. #973 543 7212. Rob’s a personal trainer, but excellent. That’s who treats me. Other good one are Dr. Rob destafano in Lodi, NJ. Dr. Dale Buchberger from Seneca Falls. Both are ART instructors and great Docs. Dale knows as much about shoulders as anyone you’ll find.
Dr. Dave as Goldberg said is another. He’s in the Atlanta area. Bill Brady in Boston, Mike Collins in Philly, and Scott Greenapple from the morth Carolina area.
Good ole me is from northeast pa, south of the 80-81 intersect by about 20-25 miles. I’m not an istructor, never felt like pursuing it, but have levl three and total body credentials with Ironman race experience.

There are plenty of “good” docs in Columbus. Do you mean that you can’t find one who will prescribe androgens for you?

Haha, my bad. I was so caught up in the fact that you were ripping all C Bus docs that I thought you were talking about androgen replacement therapy/HRT and not active release.

I know a guy in Grandview named Tony Abruzzese but I’m not sure how good he is. Never been to him but he says he’s good. Also, I have a friend whose body is destroyed from college football and he went to some PT center and got a full work-up. He was raving about it. Gimme a few days and I’ll get back to you with the name of the place.

Sounds cool scrub

while were on the topic do you know any that would perscribe steroids?

Let keep this thread going

Hopefully this wont be jackass’ last post. he has much knowledge to give.

Jackass, I don’t know any docs that specialize in HRT, but I’m sure they exist. If you are hypogonadal, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a doc to prescribe some test. I do know a 60 year old guy who gets Androgel prescribed due to low T levels, and he used to take test cyp injections. His max bench is 405, no problems with loss of strength. Next time I see him I’ll ask who his doc is.

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I dont know too many hypogonadal 500 lb benchers. Haha.