Doctor Wants Me to Stop Test and Start AI to Lower Estrogen

Hello all,

I’m new to this forum. I’m 5’9” 170 pounds currently on trt and taking hcg and 200 mg od test cypionate to twice a week and feeling amazing. I don’t and never have taken an AI. I just got blood work done and everything seems good. The only concern to the doctor is that my total testosterone is 1800 and my estrogen is at 80. She seems to be super alarmed by this and wants me to aggressive start taking 2 1mg pills of enasteozole twice a week and stop my test completely until I lower my test and strogen. Ah! And she wants me to just continue with an AI and hcg until my next bloodwork is done in 7 days. Any thoughts on this and how I should approach it.

Your taking too much test to start with. Assuming top of range is around 900? Drop your test to 150 for a month and maybe take 1/2mg twice per week for a couple weeks. I’m no expert but taking 4mg twice a week is gonna crash your estrogen. I’m sure much smarter people will chime in but I think your doctors approach is misguided.

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Just lower dose and change doctors.


200 mg/wk or 200 mg twice a week?

This is really stupid. If you stop taking Test, your E2 will lower on it’s own.

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I’d find a more knowledgeable doc; this doesn’t sound like the right move. Just lower dose and everything will come down on their own.

I agree. 2 or 3 mg of Anastrzole is a disaster ready to happen.

For reference, I almost crashed my estrogen while taking .125 mg twice a week while on 150 mg/wk of Test (TT was about 850). Right now, I am blasting at 875 mg/wk of Test, and only seem to need .25 mg EOD (and maybe don’t even need that, but I figure there is almost 0 chance of crashing E2).

Your Doc failed you already. Now she wants to kill you. I would lower my dose a bit and keep on truckin. Also, testing in one week is stupid. She clearly doesn’t understand how hormones work.


Well, no Test and 4 mg of Adex is enough for E2 to be zero lol.

I get your point though. Also, I don’t know the range, buy E2 at 80 actually seems low for a TT of 1800. Mine was 86 when my TT was 1223, and I didn’t have any high E2 symptoms.

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Its unreal that some of these dr’s even can prescribe TRT and give advice and be so unknowledgeable with the same.

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When were your bloods drawn? You may want to draw blood for tests at trough.

What test was estrogen? E2? Sensitive estradiol? Total estrogens?

Yeah I’m changing doctors for sure. I have no bad symptoms of high E2 at all. No itchy nipples no acne. My libido and energy are awesome. Any recommendations on telemeds that actually have doctors that know what they’re doing? This doc is very fired. I’m just lowering my test dose to 150 mg split in 2 and mayb take .25 twice a week of Anastrzole. Thoughts?

I meant to say anybody has recommendations of TRT clinics.



I used Defy Medical in the past and would use them again. Dr. Saya is exceptional, he will run circles around the majority of endocrinologists having been one himself.

Just dont take any AI. Switch to EOD and watch your E levels come down. I prefer dailies but that’s me. If you think its a hassle, try being back to Low T. Ill take a pin everyday, thank you.

I will not take an IA , but am afraid my doctor will get pissed when my bloodwork is not dropping E2 fast enough. Don’t want her to advice me taking more AI or stop from giving me medication. Any trt clinics that y’all know that understand the harm AIs do to your body. I really want to change clinics, but don’t have a clue we’re to go. Can someone give a good recommendation. Guys it’s a clinic. Nobody is getting in trouble for this.

I’d recommend my doctor, but unless you’re in NE Florida…

As long as they can provide care remotely. Works for me? What’s the name of the clinic?

They won’t do remote appointments anymore.