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Doctor Wants Me on TRT for Life, Will it Ruin Semen Volume?

Although I have low t my semen volume is huge I shoot ropes across the bed I’m really worried if I agree to go on trt for life my semen volume will only dribble I am doing hcg also will my semen volume suffer on trt!

Seriously, why is this a concern? Are you a masturbatory performance artist?


Many report increased semen volume with TRT.

Thank god my doctor is very aware of my steriod use he told me after my blast there is no point in coming off because my levels will be even lower than before which will make my situation even worse and that I should just cruise after my cycle instead of pct!

It’s always a special talent I had unbelievable how much I shoot feel like a alien!

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What the fuck did I just read. Are you in porn? :laughing:


No just don’t wanna loose my man hood feel like a god after shooting a huge load

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You can always go on HCG and FSH injections while on TRT to regain sperm production or stop TRT and restart your HPTA (using clomid) to bring back sperm production.

I stopped TRT after 2.5 years with no restart protocol, just stopped cold turkey and 4.5 weeks later, HPTA fired back up. You seem to have a one up in that your sperm is high.

TRT is not a death sentence for sperm production.

In fact for me it would be. I do not enjoy the orgasm as much If I don’t throw much cum. Feels different…

Man I heard some people report increased cum volume, while the sperm count is decreased. Sperm does not equal cum. Cum is produced in the prostate, while sperm is produced in the testicles.

But I would also be worried about that.

How many truly symptomatic low-T men reject TRT because of semen volume considerations? This topic is ridiculous, but also the best topic I’ve read in weeks.

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I think you guys are spending too much time alone. I really couldn’t tell you what volume I have, I’d have to have it out where I can see it to know that, LOL.

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My full volume never totally came back after starting finasteride years ago. It was nice…

If you are truly symptomatic, this shouldn’t be your primary focus. Your primary focus should be to feel better. I was concerned about many things before starting. This was actually one of the things I was slightly worried about. But after dealing with low T symptoms for years, this is a small price to pay to feel better.

My semen volume has gone down slightly. Its thicker. I froze sperm 2 seperate times before starting TRT. The first time I went in, I made 4 vials. The second time I went in, I made 12 vials haha! It fluctuates naturally depending on how long its been since you last busted or how turned on you are. The T has caused my sex drive to increase exponentially so its a small price to pay. I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think I’m putting out 12 vials anymore though.

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Testosterone replacement therapy results in decreased serum gonadotropins and intratesticular testosterone, and impairs spermatogenesis, leading to azoospermia in 40% of patients. However, intratesticular testosterone can be maintained during testosterone replacement therapy with co-administration of low dose human chorionic gonadotropin, which may support continued spermatogenesis in patients on testosterone replacement therapy.


We retrospectively reviewed the records of hypogonadal men treated with testosterone replacement therapy and concomitant low dose human chorionic gonadotropin. Testosterone replacement consisted of daily topical gel or weekly intramuscular injection with intramuscular human chorionic gonadotropin (500 IU) every other day. Serum and free testosterone, estradiol, semen parameters and pregnancy rates were evaluated before and during therapy.


A total of 26 men with a mean age of 35.9 years were included in the study. Mean followup was 6.2 months. Of the men 19 were treated with injectable testosterone and 7 were treated with transdermal gel. Mean serum hormone levels before vs during treatment were testosterone 207.2 vs 1,055.5 ng/dl (p <0.0001), free testosterone 8.1 vs 20.4 pg/ml (p = 0.02) and estradiol 2.2 vs 3.7 pg/ml (p = 0.11). Pretreatment semen parameters were volume 2.9 ml, density 35.2 million per ml, motility 49.0% and forward progression 2.3. No differences in semen parameters were observed during greater than 1 year of followup. No impact on semen parameters was observed as a function of testosterone formulation. No patient became azoospermic during concomitant testosterone replacement and human chorionic gonadotropin therapy. Nine of 26 men contributed to pregnancy with the partner during followup.


Low dose human chorionic gonadotropin appears to maintain semen parameters in hypogonadal men on testosterone replacement therapy. Concurrent testosterone replacement and human chorionic gonadotropin use may preserve fertility in hypogonadal males who desire fertility preservation while on testosterone replacement therapy.

Concomitant intramuscular human chorionic gonadotropin preserves spermatogenesis in men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.