Doctor Unwilling

Doctor perscribed me with one tube of testim a day. He has said that as long as I am somewhere in the norm he sees no reason to increase the dose. How do I get him to increase my dose so I’m at least in the mid to high normal range? I go for blood work in three days should I stop the 1 tube a day tell then to increase the chance of test results coming back low?

I tried explaining to him the symptoms he said test don’t lie.

This kind of Doc is a pain to deal with.
(I know first hand)

Find a better Doc, or stop ALL testim at least 1 week before BW.

A week? I thought it started to leave the blood stream in a matter of 24 hrs? I am looking for a new Doc but its not that easy in Canada so I need to convince him or trick the guy somehow.

I suggested a week … just to be SURE your results would be low.

Maybe stop for 3 days, and do your own independent test, and see what results come back.

You can order lab tests from LEF.ORG that ONLY you see the results.

Test came back low and Doc doubled my dose. He told me to apply them all at once ,one tube a arm. Thats a lot of sticky. I am able to catch flies on my arm. Anyone know if I can split up the dose or is there a reason for applying two at once?

I used to split. Seemed to work as well as expected from gel/cream.

Are you taking HCG ??

No Hcg yet. I go back in three months to see how I’m doing. I think he will redo blood work and go from there.Hopefully I can be placed on shots instead.

I did the gel/cream for 2 yrs, and got switched to shots.

Much less hassle injecting … as long as poking yourself with a sharp object 2 X a week does not bother you.

Some people have a real HARD time self injecting. Needle Phobia.

My first one took a few minutes to psychologically prepare, but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy.