Doctor/Trainer for Knee Pain?

Hello T-Nation

I really want to be able to squat/leg press with no knee pain. I want to be able to train as hard as my mental fortitude will allow and not be limited by stupid pain. I saw an ortho about a year ago who couldn’t really tell me anything and an MRI was negative for anything torn. I took 6 months off training and knee pain was gone.

I’ve been foam rolling regularly and training hard for about 2.5 months now but knee pain is back. I think I need to see someone who can analyze my body type, my strengths and imbalances, correctly diagnose my knee pain, and teach me to perform squats and deadlifts with optimal form. (hopefully while being covered by my insurance)Basically I need Eric Cressey.

Any suggestions of how to find someone/facility that can do all this for me? Is there a title for such a person? I went to Foundry Sports Medicine in Providence where I saw the Ortho and he suggested PT, but I just didn’t feel like he “got it”.

Hell, I’ll look in to going to Cressey’s facility in Boston but I’m under the impression they cater to professional athletes. I live in the Providence/Boston area.

Any general suggestions? Thanks so much

Cressey’s facility does cater to a lot amount of professional baseball players, but they also have a lot of high school and collegiate clients, as well as general population clients. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend checking his facility out.

There are a good amount of great S&C coaches in the area you can check out as well. Generally insurance would not cover this type of care, so you would need to be willing to pay out of pocket.

If you are looking for a physician, I would recommend a sports medicine physician who is non-surgical. I would suggest someone who is double boarded in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Sports medicine. Also, if you can see a physician with an athletic background, that is always a plus.

Doctors who do not work out, are prone to tell you to stop what you enjoy instead of focusing on how to get you back to doing what you want to do.