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Doctor Time?

I got the famous “flu” (well, I think I do). Actually, I just got one 3 wks ago and it’s back. The last time lasted 9 days. I was thinking going to the doctor this time, but since their are no cure for the “flu” once you got it, should I go or wait it out like last time?

So far, it has been 3 days. It’s not as bad as last time tho. I am just weak and a light fever.

Thanks for any (professional) advices!

Sometimes infections can mimic flu symptoms. I would say if you are not feeling better within 3-5 days see a doctor, If you are having a hard time controling your fever or if you are vomiting or have diareah see a doctor.

But the bottom line is it’s your health and without a proper diagnosis especially since you were sick back too back a trip to the doctor couldn’t hurt at the worst you pay for a office visit and the Doc says you have a cold or flu.