Doctor Suggestions in Philadelphia?

Does anyone know an anti-aging doctor or clinic in the Philadelphia area? TRT and other things.

Hey, that’s where I used to live, also I’m fairly sure it’s against the rules to give out names or sources on this site. I know of a few good doctors and clinics in America that will do inter state treatment, I’d give you the names but I don’t want to get in trouble.

I didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed. New to the site

You can post. I’ve seen them before.


In the TRT forum, names of doctors/clinics are fine. In the Pharma section, names of steroid distributors/labs are not.

Do you have any suggestions?

Yup, anti aging clinics such as Defy Medical are supposed to be really good. Defy is located in Florida however I think they will do inter state consultations and treatments. A Dr John Crisler is also supposed to be good when it comes to TRT as he specialises in it. I’m not sure where he is though. There may be some good local docs in Philly but I’m not sure. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about any of this stuff.

I am talking to defy currently. Do you all want updates?

of course we do. we are trt junkies…

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Very well. They sent me 3 emails, med history, physical form and blood work forms. They will not move onto the next step until I have those things done. It should take me about a week to get the test done. Then it takes them 10 days to schedule with a doctor on the phone.

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Do you have previous blood work? As in do you have any bloodwork confirming Low T or is this your first jump into the world/realm of TRT (just curious). Post updates periodically in this thread, I’m interested to hear how this pans out, wish you the best of luck.

So my levels are in the low “norm”. It’s within in the range but extremely low in comparison to others my age.

What’s low norm? 400ng/dl ish?

322 and as high as 480 the last 2 years.

I don’t think you’ll have trouble getting on TRT with a level of 322. 480 you will experience trouble but typically good, progressive doctors who know what they are doing will prescribe T for people below 400 with symptoms, where I am in AUS you have to typically be below 170ng/dl, its ridiculous. I assume you do have symptoms of low testosterone right?

Remember it doesn’t matter if you have a Total T 800, if your free T is below the 2-3%, then you need to act.

Yes I do and I am systemlord.

Just an update: I have finished all the test and scheduled my initial consultation the end of this month. I will update as soon as I know more. Also in regards to money I am about 450-500 dollars in. That’s is prior to the purchase of any TRT or anything else. I have done blood work, and in order to schedule the initial consultation you had to pay the cost (250) prior.

marine21 are you familiar with MDVip? it’s like a concierge physician provider. I found a doc who cut ties with insurances and is very helpful. I was previously with an online clinic but couldn’t afford the prices. My situation is so much better since my insurance covers almost everything. Happy to share my experience if you’d like. I’m lost on if I can share his info so I guess I could message it to you somehow…

You can put Dr name and city here.