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Doctor Suggestion in Chicago?

Hello friends,

Does anybody have any suggestion who to see in Chicago area ? I’m trying to avoid anti-aging clinics… so that I can use my insurance. Please let me know. Thanks !


Did you look at the finding a TRT doc sticky that I suggested earlier?

I’m not sure when did you suggest that, I don’t see that response. I will read that sticky.


I can ask around, I am in Columbus, OH- I do TOT on a regular basis

Eric Fete, DO

Did you ever find a good doctor? I am in same area so was curious.

In Chicago ?? My experience with docs is not good in Chicago. T clinics are there just for the money. I tried two (downtown) . They will provide you with stuff you need but they don’t really care about you. Currently I’m seeing a guy from Ohio. Actually saw him once after that is like telemedicine, to early to say anything about him.

There are clinics who will prescribe trt. If you want quality care go to tier1hw.com and schedule consult. Probably one of these best docs out there. Then you have Nelson Virgil and Dr. rob from tot round table.

Defy medical would be the first clinic I use. They are better than the rest.

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Ok thx

Who is it! I flew out to see Dr Keith Nichols and now he’s my doc. Week later I felt like it was working versus my clinic who had me going on 3 months without any benefit or betterment.