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Doctor Says T Levels are Low But Does Not Prescribe TRT

Guess all that fast food and automation, people are getting lazy and expect machines to do everything for them. So much for good old high paying manual labor jobs.

Im familiar with that study in 96 not sure why they vary so much from this new study

I agree, how fat the general population has gotten has to be a major contributor to the decline in T.

My cortisol level is 0.25 mcg/dl and i think it is taken at 8 am morning.I could not find the prolaction levels on the blood results.Can i ask the clinci if they have my prolcatin levels as well.My ball size is definelty low and penis size is less than 5.5 inches. Doctor says your Free T is using only 57.5 so the goal within 2-3 months is to raise the Free Y to 150-300 and this can be acehieved by using Vitamin D supplementation he says. Like you said i think i need to do a comprehensive pituatry test by an endo . Only that can competely tell the entire story.

Yeah i will look at it.

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I would guess that we are fatter because of the low androgen, high estrogen, epidemic that has been brought on by Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. I think that low T is just one of the symptoms and causing easy weight gain and makes it more difficult to shed fat.

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As someone who was symptomatic of low T (probably my whole life) I was refused TRT with total T at 325. There are ways to get it down if you want to fudge the numbers to play the insurance game. Nefarious? Maybe but that range is bullshit. LabCorps range is 175-781. Also now if you go in with it above 781 they say you are too high and want to cut your dose. It’s horse shit.

You’re doctor is living in fantasyland, in reality vitamin D will not increase your Free T.

This doctor is quacked. If vitamin D really increased Free T, these supplement companies selling testosterone boosters would go out of business and everyone who has low testosterone would have no need for TRT.

I think so. When i looked up on intener there is no authentic source which shows Vitamin D boosting testosterone. The doc is a clinic director and when i looked upon his profile on linkedin he has only 1.6 months of practing this. I really wanted to know what are the symptoms casuing my sickness.

Also being 26 i pretty much look like a 15 years or less. Even my family members says that. My brothers younger to much look to their age but not me. It is really frustrating to not know why i am different than others. I also have small face(moon shaped) sagged cheeks and I have to face bully all the time among my peers.

The moon shaped face is a classic trait of men who are low testosterone, don’t expect your insurance policy to kick in when you need them most, you must count on yourself.

Perhaps your growth hormone (IGF-1) levels are low as well.

Listen. You will be fine.
Read about kallman. And find a very good Endocrinologist. Even a pediatric one that knows more about delayed or incomplete puberty.

Now that you decided to figure this stuff out, you will sort it out and seek treatment.

My son has no sense of smell. Can indicate kallman. But it appears his lack of smell is because his olfactory bulbs barely developed. That’s from MRI. He is right in the middle of puberty. I keep my eye on his height, hair growth on legs etc. Drs don’t think it’s kallman because he started puberty fine and is tall. But with kallman your puberty can incomplete. So an watching. Next labs for him I’ll ask Dr to run testosterone and igf so I have baseline just in case.

Also their shoe size is 11 or 12. Their foot is bigger than mine.

I will look up on growth hormone (IGF-1) and I am planning to seek an Endo and ready to go for TRT even without insurance.I feel consulting a specialized endo will have in depth knowledge on Hormonal imbalances.

Yeah. I have research quite a bit about Kallman Syndrome on net. I live in St.Lious, M area so i need to find a specialized endo who con check my overall hormonal levels and other tests to investigate what really happening with me.

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I am fine very difficult to schedule appointment with the Endocrinologist. Most of them are asking for referral from the primary physician which i do not have one.

How it works is your GP orders lab tests to indicate whether or not you’re low enough to warrant further investigation. The problem is GP’s don’t specialize in hormones and often do not order enough testing and men slip through the cracks.

More often than not going to GP’s and endocrinologists is a big waste of time, they don’t have the experience or training to be able to do TRT well. They can prescribe testosterone (200mg every 2 weeks) and are no help beyond being able to prescribe testosterone.

You can check your own hormones on discount labs, a complete male hormone panel you can then take to your doctor or you can fight with the GP to get these tests done.

Does your insurance require referrals?

If so Call your primary and get one.

I will check with my insurance about referrals. I am trying to call the Endo listed on my Insurance PPO and nobody set an appointment straight forward.

Hi ,
Posting after long time. I did not get levels yet as i was busy with my work and stuff. I would like to get my T levels tested which were at 360 and 405. i would like to go with a private TRT specialty rather than through insurance. I am 27 now my only worry is if I go for TRT along with HCG will i be able to give birth to child.

You will not get TRT approved at theses levels, but as you doctor stated your levels are low.

Insured healthcare is a scam anyway often not covering much of anything these days, doctors are powerless to treat their patients with insurance companies getting in the way. Insured healthcare was the death of healthcare in this country.

TRT is not a death sentence to having children, you can do TRT+HCG+FSH injections or restart your system using clomid or just stop TRT and let nature takes it course. All my levels returned to baseline 4.5 weeks after stopping TRT cold turkey, no restart, no help from anything but nature herself.

Yeah. I am decided to have a check up an go for the treatment without insurance any way.