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Doctor Recommends Dropping AI Completely

I recently got an email from my doctors office requesting I make an appointment, and during the appointment my doctor told me, I should stop all AI’s, and not to worry about any side effects. This seems to be the way TRT is going these days, and personally I couldn’t happier. But, like most doctors mine isn’t interested in explaining anything, so I have no idea what to expect. I followed his advice, and it’s only been about two weeks and I have a few light symptoms from the side effect of high E2. Red face and chest comes and goes, as does my erection quality. It seems that I spend more time on the softer side of things. Although, it’s not horrible since a viagra will fix that. I guess I should mention, that normally I don’t need viagra, but while my body’s adjusting it seems that I do. I also, experience some bph, not horrible but it’s there. I’ve read a few posts from guys who are dropping their AI’s and their saying it takes about 4-8 weeks for their sides to disappear. I was wondering about two things. First, how can the body adjust to higher E2, and second if you dropped your AI, how long did it take you to feel great?

Did he drop the ai after you had an e2 test?

The E2 test is irrelevant. The point is that taking an AI is no longer necessary,for any of us. I know it may sound wrong, or just hard to believe, but this is where TRT is today. Apparently, your body will make the proper adjustments, on it’s own and balance you out. I’ve only been off for about 2 weeks, and I’m still getting some sides, but most guys are saying that they feel great at the 4-6 weeks mark, after getting off their AI. You might want to consider it too.
Good luck!!

This is completely true and many great doctors like dr Keith Nicholes never give AI to their patients except some very rare clinical cases

Good to hear! Do you know how long it takes for your body to ballance out after getting off an AI?

Cannot say that. A qualified doctor must evaluate this. I can say the more frequent your injections are, the easier it will be. If you inject ED or EOD you have less issue with estrogen or if you use 20 percent compounded cream instead injection.

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Of you have no idea what you’re talking about. You all
Speak in absolutes.

Moving to eod spiked my e2 up more than e3d. Everyone is different. And some
Feel good at lower e2 levels.

Our bodies were not designed to handle such e2 overloads that occur from
Exogenous test. The whole “balancing out” concept needs a long time yet before I will think and agree it’s ok to have e2 well above the ranges.

You make this statement, then go on to ask how
Long it takes for your body to balance out?

You aren’t educated enough to make blanket statements like you do.

There is a time and a place for an ai.

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My point is, and I apologize if I attacked anyone, is that to flat out say e2 management is never needed is wrong.

It’s a subjective thing.


I understand, I have been on TRT for about 6 years, been there done that. I get it very well. Incidentally, as I mentioned in a earlier post, it was both my doctors that made the recommendation… one of which was Dr. Crisler who as you may know is one of the leading experts in TRT.


Where did you get you medical degree???

Excuse me but who is speaking in absolutes now???

Is DIM considered a type of A.I is it at least better then taking Anaztrole

This is speaking in absolutes.

Many feel better with lowered e2 and a higher ft that can only be achieved w the use of an ai.

Not really, it doesn’t “block” E2. Which is to say it’s not an aromatase inhibitor. it helps bad estradiol to exit the body more efficiently. If I remember correctly. Also, tablets come in about 120mg which you can cut, so if you want the benefit of DIM you cal low dose it.

I usually take about 200 mg daily

That’s cool! If I go that high I get ED, but I’m glad you have your dose dialed in.


Hmmm…I wonder why in every study in over 70 years that showed the beneficial effects of testosterone they didn’t control estrogen nor did the men in those studies have “estrogen issues”. You think you need to control estrogen and monitor it because that is the way you were taught it should be despite no medical evidence to support that

Those men feel even better when you drop the AI and increase free testosterone with testosterone. I was even one of them myself.