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Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy


I recently had some blood work done, and the doctor told me I had low testosterone levels and has prescribed me testosterone treatment. I opted for injections rather than gel because it's actually easier for me.

Should I be worried about increased levels of female hormones?

It looks like there are a couple different kinds, what's the difference between

I'm already balding, so that doesn't concern me. In fact it might be low testosterone levels making me go bald already, who knows.

Any other advice?

The pharmacy seems to carry these 2 kinds, both seem to have the same function. Should I ask for a certain one?



Test Cyp, and Test E are basically the same in half life and cost, except you may pay more per ml buying the test E in 5ml vials.
Did you discuss HCG with your doctor or any type of an AI?
The healthiest approach to TRT is T+HCG+AI to keep E2 at bay and keep your testes alive too.
Please post all blood results if possible.


Just you wait, KSman's gonna come and drop some knowledge on you like an Asteroid!


Thank you for the response. I've found a few other threads as well. I wasn't able to find the main FAQ on the home page. So if anyone has a list of links for beginners like myself, let me know. I'll discuss the risk of estrogen levels and the items you brought up when I go in for my injection lesson this week.

I appreciate the help.


Are you actually taking an "injection lesson" from the doc?
or was that a typo for "session"?


check out over 35 forum...much more info there on HRT


So I went to my appt today. I asked my doctor about ai, and hcg. Before I even finished the word inhibitor he waved it away, more or less saying not to worry about it. He didn't really explain but it seemed as though he was confident that I shouldn't be worried about side effects at this point.

What he gave me was 200mg every 2 weeks of testosterone ethanate. What would some of you do? Would you drop more money on a specialist's second opinion, or trust the doctor and just keep an eye out for side effects?



I would welcome myself to the world of medical incompetence in the area of AAS and TRT.

Your problem is nothing new and if you read over at the over35 forum, you will see that the majority self prescribe the AI and sometimes the HCG too.

Doctors are shockingly undereducated in the field. It never fails to disappoint me.


one 200mg shot every two weeks will put you on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows...you will end up feeling worse than you do now, review extensive material in over 35 forum. you need to be seeing someone whose speciality is HRT.


Ditto this. he's a moron in regards to TRT. He may be competent in other ways, but this ain't it.

While weekly shots for Test E or Cyp are fairly common in TRT, bi-weekly shots are damned retarded with such an ester. As is the lack of AI.


I know, (Aragorn) - EVEN if the longest suggested half life is believed (which is likely to be in their outdated manuals) then they still fall short by at least 4 days!


and half life besides...when you are in the TRT zone the more frequent the injections the better, we generally suggest 2 50mg shots weekly but i have seen some that will actaully break it down even further (including me). It tends to be a more even ride and reduces conversion to estrogen by not seeing large peaks and valleys. I know it goes against all conventional wisdom, aka crap, but hundreds of guys over at the over 35 forum have had to re-educate their physicians and/or find a new one for these reasons. KS Man is truly the authority on this subject and has helped many more people than you can imagine...Brook, Aragorn, Myself all experienced users...all in agreement on this subject (imagine that) ; probably for a reason