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Doctor Prescibed TRT but I'm Debating Taking It

Plan and simple, I’ve been dealing with low energy, anxiety and loss of muscle mass ever since my 24th birthday, I’m 26 now close to turning 27. I’ve messed around with cycles in the past and have suffered gyno and got the surgery (not great) but now am no longer the same man I was. I don’t know if that was from results of poor cycling, dieting etc or I may just be a person who suffers from the mild anxiety/ depression which can lead to low enegery and laziness. Trust me I’m hard on myself and my thinking.

So tried, lexapro (on it still), tried wellbutrin xl (on it still), now doc says that she wants to see my test levels higher and thinks that could be the lead to my issues as they are not super low but she would like them higher. It was around 450 and she wanted it in the 800s. Everything else was okay except (vitamin D low, iodine low, and creacine high).

Prescribed plan to action is 200mg test C every 2 weeks.

With every other number being good and libodo good would you all question this dose and the trt attempt?

Maybe I’m just nervous but I’m concerned about stirring up old gyno issues or just shutting down my nuts and natural production for no reason.

Also part of me wants to just use this as an opportunity to save up for a full cycle of test or a higher dose and running for a shorter while and then trying to reset the system.

Many racing thoughts, many different avenues and I’m looking for many different opinions.

Thank you in advance.

Everyone is going to ask for your labs before giving advice. Free t and shbg especially. No one is going to tell you to save an use as a cycle like you said. If the Dr is willing to write the script and you need it take it and use this site to form a good protocol with what you have access to. If things dont pan out find a Dr that specializes in TRT.

The cycle she wants to run will likely put you lower than you are now.

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Thanks I will upload the bloods!

Do you experience brain fog, lethargy, mood swings ect? Even with low testosterone I still had some libido and my dick worked so that’s not the only sign of non-optimal testosterone

You should reconsider allowing your current doctor to treat you, this protocol is lousy and will not work.

Your labs will indicate what your injection schedule should be, SHBG is a reliable marker for injection frequencies, lowers values usually need increased injection frequencies. Where your estrogen currently sits is another factor for injection frequencies.

If estrogen is already at a healthy level and you elevated testosterone to the high normal ranges, you will have to deal with the side effects of high estrogen. One way to lower estrogen is more frequent smaller doses.

A clinical study came out in 2005 where men were injected with 200 mg of testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks, levels never stayed in a therapeutic ranges with these injections spread so far apart.

Skip to figure 1 graph B, by day 6 levels are right back in the low ranges leaving you in the low ranges for more than a week before your next injection.
Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

We call it the hormonal roller coaster. Find a doctor that specializes in TRT likely outside your insurance network or be prepared to figure this all out on your own because your doctor will not know what to do when symptoms are encountered.

Most doctors don’t specialize in endocrine disorders and the ones who do typically do not specialize in TRT leaving only private doctors who specialize in TRT in anti-aging or sports medicine.

You do not understand a couple of things, you do not reset the HPTA by cycling testosterone, you have a medical condition which requires TRT for life, if you stop at any time in the future, your levels will drop back to baseline.

TRT will shut down your HPTA until such time you stop, then levels will go right back to where they are now. You go on TRT and stay on.

The fact that your doc wants your numbers in the 800’s and isn’t just telling you that you are “in range” is a good thing. Work with her, she’s reasonable but probably inexperienced. She will more than likely be flexible about the protocol if you ask reasonable questions, like why would you want to dose every two weeks with something that has a 7-8 day half-life?
That said, she is using drugs to boost your serotonin and catecholamines at the moment. Realistically, there is probably a better way to handle that. Your E2 number should be interesting.