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Doctor/patiend confidentiality

I have a girlfriend who wants to get on birth control, but is worried about her family finding out. Her worry is that if she were to get deathly ill, and had to fill out forms at the hospital, and that if the question popped up about being on any type of birth control, and she puts no, then blood tests would show otherwise, or the doctor could say something. Normally filling out a paper wouldnt matter, but her family is always RIGHT over her shoulder when she does shit like that.

If she marked “NO” on that type of question, would the doctor be able to make a remark out in the open, or would he have to talk with her in private?

If she’s that immature, you shouldn’t be fucking her.

Yeah… is she like 16??

Blood tests?? The oral contraceptive is a hormone?? What blood test would she be having for that to be an issue? Her private health is between herself and her doctor unless she is underage??

Why are either of you thinking… ‘if she were to get deathly ill’?? If she were ever deathly ill the point of her being on birth control would, I think, be irrelevant… yes?

Here’s an idea… Jezus fuck… I don’t believe I even have to point this out but… why don’t you both take the respect you deserve for making a concious decision to protect yourselves from unwanted pregnancy… and worry about the ‘what if’s’ when they ACTUALLY occur!!!


ok, i don’t want to make assumptions here, so why does she “want” to go on birth control?

If she’s deathly ill birth control isn’t going to be the main concern hopefully. Pony up and talk to folks about it with her, then you’re money.


Your request depends on two factors: one, the age the woman is (& yourself), and two, the state or province you both live. If she is underage and is not legally able to consent to having sex(according to province/ state you live in) than her doctor by law may have to inform her parents. My advise would be to contact the public health service/ division in your neighbourhood and ask them. Most of these service lines are confidential. For example, if you live in Toronto you could call 416-338-7600, or look online under public health services in your region (eg; toronto public health). If she is underage and she goes to a clinic, in most regions the nurses, staff, etc will have to report that she is having sex under the age of consent. Thus, you may find yourself in BIG trouble. However, I maybe jumpimg the gun as you did not include either of your ages or location of residence. Well, Good luck.

Legally a physician cannot talk to other family members about the patient’s meds unless they are the power of attorney for an incompetent or incapacitated patient; however we sometimes ignore the rules if the patient doesn’t mind…but it sounds like your gf would. Also, there is no way a blood test will show bcp’s. How old is your gf, if she’s over 18 who the hell cares what her parents think, just tell them your on bc and give 'em the middle finger if they onject.

Oh beleive me I know this is a crazier than hell post, and I have told her a thousand times that she is being very paranoid, but she is just that way. I posted here because I knew I would get a direct answer for her from others.

I also told her that I didnt think bcp would show up on a test, but she didnt seem to be satisfied with that.

“would you rather your family finds out you are on birth control, or pregnant?” Sigh… hehe thanks for the replies.

If you are in the United States and she is of legal age of consent for sexual relations, then even if she’s a minor she’s entitled to complete reproductive confidentiality. In most states, minors especially have the same rights as adults to confidentiality and decision making, in terms of reproductive issues (ie: pap smear results, birth control, abortions, pregnancies, etc.) In that sense, they are partially emancipated in terms of their reproductive rights, but you should first check the laws in your area.