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Doctor of What? LL's Blog Topic.

It’s so true to ask about the qualifications of anyone calling themselves doctor. LL encouraged people to ask, “Doctor of What?”, which brings to mind a situation I encountered…

I hope not to offend anyone or their beliefs, but only to inform people so that they are aware of what is out there and can protect themselves accordingly.

I was driving my car one morning, when I was waved down by a limousine driver. I approached a number of japanese-only speaking crash victims. A few of the victims hit their heads on the roof of the limo during the impact, which immediately raised my concerns about neck and cervical spine injury. Others were moderately injured, but the highest most immediate concern was the people with potential neck injuries, as well as controlling any bleeding (there was only minor oozing- told the limo driver to help them hold direct pressure).

Just as I was trying to intervene, a man shows up, claiming he was a doctor. I told him I was an ER nurse at the hospital down the street. He agressively took over. I immediately pointed out to him the potential c-spine/head injury patients, but he blew me off instead of making note- and had the patients exit the car and walk several feet to a waiting place without even a quick eyeball of the extent of their injuries. The authoratative doctor furthermore directed the limo driver to assist with his interventions. Anyway, it was my observation that this Doctor endangered the neuro patients in his interventions. His actions left me scratching my head, as even medical doctors in other specialties, such as ob/gyn, orthopedics, etc., have the basic medical training to enable them to properly help in similar situations.

Later, after the victims left with the ambulances, I struck up conversation with this know-it-all by asking his specialty. He stated he was a NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN. There is a place for naturopathy, but with his lack of knowledge of trauma-type injuries and medicine, he had no business pushing everyone out of the way and intervening in this situation. Thank goodness no one had a cardiac arrest or worse injuries, I wonder how he would have intervened then (scary)…

I learned a lesson that day. From that day forward, I always ask any “doctor” his or her specialty. Also, with today’s vastly different means of obtaining degrees and training, anywhere from traditional universities to the INTERNET, I always ask questions about where they obtained their undergraduate and medical degrees and where they trained. Good advice for anybody.

Hey Chinadoll,

He probably has taken a few “Chiropractor” courses too, so if any of them developed chest pains, he probably would have adjusted them;)

Like you said naturopathy does have its place, I find most North Americans treat herbs like medicine which you just can’t do.


My step-father has a Ph.D in physical education, and it boggles my mind how many people assume he has medical training because he has a Dr. in front of his name.

I personally will never go to a chiropractor. The “science” behind chiropractic has never been proven.

Who gives a fuck if the science hasn’t been proven. Try it, if it works then keep it.

[quote]MikeTheBear wrote:
I personally will never go to a chiropractor. The “science” behind chiropractic has never been proven.[/quote]

Is there science behind it?

I thought having your back popped felt good. What else is there to it besides that?

MDs claiming to know everything about nutrition is crockpot. I don’t think most even took one nutrition class in their life yet they claim that their way is the best! Sadly, even a professor with a PHD in nutrition doesn’t mean she/he knows everything. I presented a paper over protein intake for athletes and I got shot down in front of class over how bad it is for us and should stick to RDA which is “more than enough”?! Another one is when my wife went to the dermatologist for skin rashes, all the doctor did was look at the rash, no testing or things like that and sent her off with a prescription that actually made the rash worse! It seems like there are far more bad “doctors” than good doctors that actually took their time with their patients.

Sick people make doctors and dentists rich.
Healthy people make doctors and dentists poor.

That’s so true!

Wonder if anyone else noticed how many different kinds of “doctor of…” degrees you can get online very easily. I’m being slightly sarcastic, but who wants a Doctor of Data Entry practicing medicine on them?

The government needs to better regulate these claims to protect consumers.


“Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine”? Are you fucking kidding me?! Stuff like that pisses me off so bad… it completely undermines the years of hard work it takes to earn a REAL doctorate. Pretty soon every moron with a computer can send away for a PhD. [sigh] it’s a little frustrating…

On the other point, how does one explain the difference between an MD and a PhD to a layman?


PhD - Doctor of Philosophy. This person has studdied the theories which underpin thier area in depth.

MD - This person prescribes drugs. That’s about it.

Taking an emergency medical responder course a while back. Paramedic tells us how he arrived on a call and found a person without respirations, but with a pulse. A man shouted from the crowd, “Its OK, I’m a doctor. He’s gone”…
Doctor of philosophy

True. Also, if they don’t disclose their education and training and pass themselves off as qualified to provide medical treatment, that’s so bad for the people who could be potentially harmed…
chinadoll :slight_smile: