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Doctor No Longer Providing hCG. What Alternatives?

I was curious is anyone else is in the same boat? I have done research and seen others mention “kisspeptin” which i have never heard about as well as “clomid”. I also take 200mg of testosterone as well as an ai to lay it out there.

I know you can still get hCG but there is currently a backorder and my doctor will not right a script for it.

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How long have you been using HCG? Do you feel better with it? Most guys feel better without it, and without the AI.

I got spooked a couple weeks ago when my pharmacy said there was a back order. I thought maybe the long fingers of COVID was starting to affect my life. I immediately ordered 20,000 IU from an overseas supplier that I trust and has delivered many times before I got a dependable Rx for a legal domestic supply.

As it turns out, they were able to fill the script 2 weeks later. Now I have about 5,000 mixed, 10,000 IU script in reserve and another 20,000 IU coming in a couple of weeks to bolster the reserve. The only thing I don’t like about the overseas stuff is that it comes in ampules. I much prefer the US product that comes in an injection vial, but I feel more comfortable at least having the reserve.

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I wouldnt be to quick to go overseas. At least you were prepared. I think it also depends on the brands and certain brands are on backorder.

I have used hCG since i started several months ago and have not been on therapy without it.

How certain are you of how this overseas hCG is manufactured? I don’t even know enough about US compounders’ processes to trust a biologic that can, depending on how it’s produced, be a vector for transmission of prion disease:

There is something new very promising that some clinics in USA are already offering - kisspeptine 10

You had me excited. Something new to research! Unfortunately, two articles in I see that it requires pulsatile administration to prevent desensitization. It does stimulate GnRH secretion but “continuous exposure to kisspeptin results in desensitization to kisspeptin, and thus kisspeptin has the potential to either stimulate or suppress reproductive endocrine activity depending on the mode of administration.” This is exactly what happens when GnRH is administered continuously. I was involved is some of the very early GnRH research (back in the 80’s) that demonstrated this effect when synthetic GnRH first became commercially available. My masters thesis involved the use of pusatile GnRH to induce ovulation in an anovulatory animimal.

Now, what does deserve some more literature research when i have the time is what is the half life of the peptide and what happens with once or twice per day administration of the compound. Does it stimulate enough GnRH/LH secretion to overcome some of the suppressive effects of T on gonadal function? Also, whether it is commercially available and what is the price? I should point out the synthetic GnRH is available, but the const is prohibitive for our purposes, even if once or twice per day administration had a positive effect.

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There is no good literature on that. I’ve talked to a feew people that use it and seems to be very promising. Like an alternative to HCG and even TRT for secondary.

You should only take it if you havent had children.

From where this comes?

I have heard about kisppeptin but there seems to be minimal info on it. I heard it from a few sources about their clinics going to this medication.

Being on a protocol for MANY years that is working great for me, I have made calls to many pharmacies and inquired on many forums on the web regarding any hCG alternatives on the market. We all know that hCG will be coming off the market and supply will run out and it is not going to be affordable to the average consumer once it is only available from big pharma. Not to mention the hassle involved with even trying to get a script filled due to availability or back order. With all the alternatives these pharmacies are providing or trying to sell us, the majority feedback i receive is this “might” work, or it “could” work, and it “won’t” work. I have been told about Clomid, Enclomiphene, Kisspeptin-10 and Gonadorelin and NOTHING is an alternative to hCG and the studies available on most of these drugs are minimal if any at all and no one can provide any relative clinical studies. So now I am at the point to WHAT is available and if there is no true replacement for hCG than what happens if you no longer take hCG and include it in your protocol? What should i expect? Really could use some help here.

If it is me, I would just buy it from a UGL. It can be verified to be HCG using a pregnancy test.

Empower pharmacy is still certified to manufacture and distribute HCG, even with the new HCG rules.

Please elaborate. I’ve not been following this. What information do you have that it is being discontinued from the market? The only thing I’ve seen is that beginning March 23 of this year, it will no longer be allowed to be compounded (i.e., no more homeopathic weigh loss crap being sold). I’ve not seen anything regarding a total withdrawal from the market.

I was referring to the compounding pharmacies. You will still be able to get name brand hCG with a script. It will still be available but I know it is limited and sometimes hard to get or back ordered right now.

I have been under doctor care so I am not to familiar with underground. I would have to see if my doctor would write me a script for hCG.

My very recent experience (about 3 weeks ago) is that the pharmacy was on back order for my PREGNYL script. I got spooked and ordered some branded PRGNYL from a UGL (should be here next week). However, in the interim, the pharmacy came through about a week later with my regular 10,000 IU of PREGNYL.

Using goodrx coupon, 10000iu (last me 8 weeks) is $119, so $60 a month. That’s less than my old clinic charged for compounded HCG. Anyway, HCG is very much still available, even with compounders in limbo regarding the enforcement of the new rules