Doctor Mistake with Pin Size?

My first 12 weeks are over. The doctor had me using 25g 5/8 inch pins in the glute.

I got another 12 weeks of pins and they are 27g 1/2 inch.

I did not notice this until I got home and started to preload a few weeks of syringes.

Is this going to make any difference? Should I contact the doctor?


If anything they’re going to make a difference for the better. Smaller needle, less painful

Inject in the delt and you’ll be fine. It’s not going to cause any issues.

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Agree^^^, the only issue I see it’s with the glute. That would be sub q depth in glute. In delt that is IM.

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I’ve gotten comfortable with glute injections. Am i okay to stick with this location?

If you’re having no issues, go with it

For reference I use 1.5” 23ga for glutes. If your goal is intramuscular injections than 5/8” is a little short. Smaller pins take forever to inject but to each their own.

I use 1-1/4” 27g and only takes 5 seconds to inject .3ml

I don’t know what your protocol is, but a lot of guys don’t tolerate SubQ injections as well as IM. So if things don’t feel right, that might be something to consider.

If I was going to recommend a protocol, I’d have you start out with IM injections and try SubQ later if you feel like you want to try it. I would also agree with @ncsugrad2002 and give delts a go.

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I use 29 gauge 1/2" syringes for shallow IM, no problems.

when doing weekly or bi-weekly injections, i used 22 or 23g 1" for IM in quads. Having switched to daily injections i have a variety of 25 and 27g (1/2 - 5/8") for IM delt injections.
larger gauge you will feel less, but should push slow due to injection pressure.
The main difference for me is not so much the injection difference but the draw up difference. With the exception of systemlord who is injecting a drop, i don’t have the patience to draw test up with a 29 or 30g insulin pin (especially if you are drawing 0.5mL or more). If you want to stay IM in glute, i would say 1" would be minimum; delts and quads can get away with shorter and still be IM. Just my opinion though.

I actually timed it the other night. 1:45 for me to draw 0.325ml in a 1/2” 30g 0.5cc insulin syringe.