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Doctor Kicked Me Out!


I went to the doctor because I've been having strange pains in my arms that radiate into my fingers when I sleep on them. He said it was polyneuropathy asked him what that was and he said, well it's a nerve thing. Then he said you look like you lift, maybe you outa stop that. I said that's it, stop lifting? He said, that's enough questions, here's a script for neurotin, take it and get out of here. I looked up this script and looks like it's an anti seizure med....Don't think I'll get it filled.


I have the same problem. Especially lately.


Pins and needles? Seriously?

It's normal.


Sounds like you need a new doctor. If his best advice is to stop exercising, he clearly does not have a very good understanding of his profession in that regard.

That said, I will say that I was actually asking a family friend of mine who's a doctor about anti-seizure meds the other day. They've been used to treat seemingly unrelated maladies like nerve damage to extremities in diabetic patients. I'm not saying that an anti-seizure med will work for you, but it's known in the medical community that there are quite a few off-label uses for seizure meds.

That makes me realize, though, that if your doctor didn't take the time to explain that to you, it reinforces that he's probably not a very good doctor.


im thinking you should go to a different dr. lol


Wow! Are you sure he was a doctor? That's horrible. Why would not lifting weights help with polyneuropathy? Why would he get mad at you for asking questions? I would find a new doc.



I'm pretty sure this happens to everyone.

Don't sleep on your hands.


I got told the same thing when I had a disk herniation in my neck that caused my left arm to either be numb or get the pins feeling.

He told me to stop all workout activity, I laughed and changed doctors. Next doc sent me to get an MRI then PT and had me do traction, fixed everything.


thats some strong shit, you dont need it.


i get this. what i find to make it worse is from taking a good amount of B6. Just a thought.


what's traction?


so are you saying to ease up on any b-6?


I have had an inflamed carpal tunnel in my left hand for the better part of the last 6 months. After seeing 4 different doctors I finally found one who was even willing to entertain the idea of something other then cutting the carpal bridge.

This doctor at my suggestion agreed with the idea of doing a cortisone shot in my wrist to cut down on the swelling enough to let the tissues repair and stop being inflamed. Now here nearly a month later my wrist and palm no longer feel like someone is stabbing me in the palm whenever I extend my fingers and the constant tingling/numbness has completely gone away.


Basically pulls the joints apart and realigns them. I have http://www.painreliever.com/Cervical-Traction_4395.html for my house, works ok might be worth dropping the money on to see if it helps.


Thanks man.


Glad the cortisone worked for you. Another solution for CTS is a night splint. Basically its a wrist brace that keeps your hand at slight extension as you sleep. This orientation makes the carpal tunnel its optimum size and facilitates healing. They range from 30-100 bucks, but you could more or less achieve the same result by taping a large spoon (convex side against your palm, handle along inside of wrist) on the wrist.