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Doctor Jihad in the UK

But I thought poverty and lack of education were the causes of jihad, not Surahs 9:5 and 9:29?!?

[quote]Islamic extremists Bilal Abdulla, 29, and Mohammed Asha, 27, plotted the “spectaculars” as “punishment” for Britain’s foreign policy in Iraq and Israel, it is alleged.

Iraqi national Abdulla and a third man, Kafeel Ahmed, tried and failed to blow up cars packed with gas canisters, nails and petrol outside a nightclub in London’s West End in June 2007.

When those devices failed to detonate, Abdulla and Ahmed launched the alleged suicide attack on Glasgow Airport the following day. Ahmed, 28, later died from burns he sustained after setting off petrol bombs which failed to blow up their Jeep.

Saudi-born Asha, a senior house officer in the neurology department of University Hospital of North Staffordshire, was not directly involved in either attack but supplied money to buy the cars and bomb components, was in touch with the other two men at crucial stages of the plot and may have offered “spiritual and ideological guidance”, the prosecution allege.[/quote]

There’s the familiar Arab scapegoat: Israel.

Of course. To them, it was neither - it was a lawful jihad fi sabillah.