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Doctor is Switching Me to Home Delivery. Anyone Have Experience?

I have been going into my doctors office every couple of weeks and picking up 5 pre-filled syringes and doing my injections at home. At the end of my 15th syringe it was time to get my blood work done, adjust the dosage, and continue on my way. According to my doctor the FDA is cracking down on this type arrangement and forcing them to switch to a model where they send the T directly to me, not touched by the office.

I am curious if anyone else has run into this. I am also curious how switching to a vial will work. I was told they will send me a three month supply and I will have to go back in and get my blood work done in other to get the next shipment. Will they just send me a single vial, my dose is 110 per week, and I use it until it runs out? Given these are fairly standard vial sizes, meaning not custom and measured out, doesn’t that mean I will likely have extra? Meaning I don’t have to buy it as often, only when I run out will I need to go get my blood work done? Anyone have any experience with this kind of a change?


You’re the only one here who has had this type of arrangement with your doctor, we all have vials good for 3 months supply, some every 14 weeks and get blood drawn every 6 months. The reason why your doctor pre-filled your syringes for you is because so they can charge you for it.

Also once the testosterone leaves the vials, it’s no longer sterile opening you up to infection down the road.

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Dependent on the state, it is illegal for a doctor’s office to dispense scheduled drugs. They can give you an injection in the office, but may not hand over the vial to take home.