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Doctor in Kentucky?


I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows of a good doctor in Kentucky who administers TRT. I moved to Kentucky recently, and I cannot find a doctor. I have a Primary Care Physician here, but he clearly doesn’t have the expertise to deal with TRT. I’m stumped.

I’ve had to continue seeing my old doctor in another state, which ends up costing me a lot of money, and I am not able to utilize my insurance for these costs. I’m hoping that someone knows of a viable option within the state of Kentucky.

Thanks in advance for your input…


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Where in KY? If you are within driving range of Johnson City TN, you could go to Performance Medicine. Dr. Tom Rogers


Hey - thanks for the tip. That’s within a reasonable distance for me. Have you seen this doctor yourself?


Yes, I lived in TN for a while. Saw him for a couple of years. He’s not super aggressive but he’ll get you back to normal levels and he prescribes an AI too.
You have to go in weekly for shots tho


That is very costly in terms of time and money.

What is really needed is self injections twice a week.

See that finding a TRT doc sticky.