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Doctor in Colorado?


Hi all,

Dr. Mills has recently left practice, and I know many here used him. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good HRT doc in Colorado. Looking for someone who knows what they are doing. Currently on T Cyp inj prescribed by my oncologist, but he is uncomfortable dealing with my rise in E2 (48:18-42). He has referred me to a colleague Endo, but reading her bio she doesn't seem much into Male HRT. I searched the forums and found Dr. Jesse Mills seems to be popular, but I called his office and he left practice last month. His patients have to be going somewhere - where did they go?

Love to get a recommendation - I am in the south Denver area. I did read the "How to find a Doc" thread, but figured I would rather have a recommendation from people in the know, then fish for it based on prescribing docs.

Thank you.


Check out this: http://www.collegepharmacy.com/

And referral related here: http://www.collegepharmacy.com/index.php?/patients

Also the finding a TRT doc sticky.

You can get anastrozole in a liquid format on your own [www] if you cannot find proper medical care.


Thank you KSman!


Hey bro I used dr. Jesse mills for over a year. He was great and knew what he was talking about. He did just move to LA, and is accepting new patients. Is practitioner is a female name Shelly. I have been seeing her on and off throughout the year. However I feel that she is not as good or has as much knowledge as dr. Mills.

If you are desperate you can still go to TUCC, but you will be seeing dr. Shelley. I do like the doctors office but they are way too busy and take forever to call you back. Also dr. Shelley calls me on Fridays as she’s walking out the door. This is very frustrating because I cannot get ahold of her until the middle of the next week.

I am also looking into getting a new doctor and have been searching all over the Internet. There’s a couple that I am very interested in and will be trying probably in the near future. I also live on the south side of Denver and I am looking for someone close and who will give me my original dosage. I have contacted College pharmacy and got a referral list of all the doctors in the area. There’s only a couple that take insurance and some of them are surgeons and probably don’t deal with trt often. I feel your pain and I am in the same boat as you are. There’s not a lot of information out there and I have been doing a lot of research and surfing the internet. I would be very interested in finding out who you have seen, and your experience. I’d be more than happy to give you more information on the doctors that I have found that take insurance and are in the area. I have also been contemplating and going out to LA to see Dr Mills. Dr Mills told me that he would see me, and would need me to fly out at least once a year. He was a great doctor I really wish you would have stayed.

I found your post online, and set up an account with T Nation to reply to your post. I do not know how to work this forum very well but I would be very interested hearing what you have found.


Hey pxpxp -

Thanks for your reply. I am very interested in hearing what you find. I have only been started on TRT by my Oncologist/Hemotologist. I figure since I am having to do this for the rest of my life, why not find the best regimen? Problem I have been having is finding the doctor. I researched a lot and found Dr. Mills, but a month too late. I have an appointment at Parker Endo in (my oncologist referred) 4 months, but after reading the doctors bio, “Male HRT” doesn’t seem to be a specialty - or even close.

Since I already have a blood condition, I really need to find a doctor who knows hormones. I did the college pharmacy referral, but am still waiting to hear back from them. It’s good there is someone here who heard my cry (thanks for joining) - maybe we can keep this thread going and find someone who is good in the Denver/South Denver area- for the betterment of us all.

Be sure to keep this thread updated if you find someone, and I will as well - be sure to hit “Subscribe” at the top of this thread.


Do you have an email account i can send you the referral. I would be interested in staying good old pin plas, and find a good doctor. Also i went to a local pharmacy and got a referral.


Got your email.


I’m also looking – was ready to pull the trigger on seeing Dr Mills and paying out of pocket, and come to find he’s left the practice. Have any of you had any luck finding a good, knowledgable TRT doc?


I have been using a low T clinic and am finding that they are pretty lost in the sauce (to the point I would never refer anyone here to this establishment). Especially since I have learned more from a handful of posters here than I have received from the culmination of all of my visits to the clinic I go to. So I have been super proactive in searching for a better, more well versed medical professional (and not just a nurse practitioner). I saw the posts on Dr. Mills however LA is…well…too far.

It would be tremendously helpful if someone could PM or touch base with me regarding a better solution/option.

I have read all the threads from KSman however I’m hitting dead ends. I almost feel bad at this point for all of the help he has given. I hope we all appreciate is assistance and concern for the community.

So back on topic…Denver area…LEGITIMATE medical professional versed in TRT anyone?

Thanks for the help fellas :slight_smile:


Just moved to CO and wondered if anyone ever got an answer on this. If so please DM me… Just had a GP try to give me anti-depressants and viagra instead of T.


Has anyone found a good doctor in Colorado?


Sadly, no. I’ve just been grinding it out with my endo.


A couple of questions here…

Can someone PM me a list of docs that you find helpful in CO?

Also, I don’t have insurance, because I meet the minimum eligibility requirements by Veteran Affairs. If I were to go on TRT, would it be cheaper just to pay out of pocket, or to get insurance first?


If you find the right doctor a trt regimen costs about $80.00 a month. That’s including HCG and AI if nneeded.
Seeing a doctor in person isn’t the only option. There are other ways such as telemedicine.