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Docs/Naturopaths Recs, Online or NYC?

It seems like my docs really don’t care to look into my symptoms. I have low t, just found old lab work where my tsh was 4.5, now its almost 3. Mildly elevated prolactin, cortisol, glucose and calcium but low vitamin D, and mildly low fsh.
I went bald between 18-20, now 27, as well as started suffering with ed, pe, extreme exhaustion, and recently diagnosed with infertility.

I need to find someone else that will help me get things back in order. I’ve read of taking Armour Thyroid, Clomid possibly mixed with Nolva, and maybe hcg, which I have access to because of the missus.

without knowing full labs we can’t tell you anything for sure, but if you know your thyroid and vitamin D deficiency are causing issues, you should look into fixing those problems first rather than looking for a naturopath on the internet to give you testosterone.

Clomid and Nolva together will not fix your thyroid and vitamin d deficiency, nor will your wife’s HCG.

Get FULL, CURRENT lab work done and post results here. Get your thyroid issues sorted out with a doctor, take a vitamin d supplement, and then see where you stand. It is frustrating to not feel like your doctor wants to help you, but it is better to err on the side of caution when putting stuff into your body.

My first endo was like that, lazy and careless as if he had no interest in being a doctor at all. I’m certain he was low T being in his late 60’s. You need to find a doctor that takes his job seriously and passionately.