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Doc's Comments: Right or Wrong?


For all the guys who are following my injury posts:

Its been a few weeks since I`ve had the knee and glute problem.

This is what my Physio says:
1.Knee problem-the ligaments and cartilage of my knee are sprained.
Maybe even micro-tears.

But its not a full tear-nothing with my menisci or ACL/MCL.If these things were fully torn then I would`ve had trouble even with walking.Whereas right now I can even run with full speed.
(Its not that I run for exercise. There was this day when I was really late and had to run to catch a bus and then had to run from the bus stop to my office)

2.Glute:The muscles are torn.

For both the problems she recommends just 1 solution:giving it time to heal.
She does recommend some exercise:cycling,stretches for my hams(which also stretches my glutes)

So is she right?

I think she is wrong on the glutes part.

Muscle tear shouldnt take so much time to should it?
If it was only a tear then it should have healed within max 2 weeks.

Another T-mag memeber suggested a ligament tear...

So what do u think is the matter.

And is she also right on the knee analysis?


With the knee I hope you had an MRI, thats all. If you have any meniscus tear you may destroy it. And I've known people run full speed with a serious meniscus tear. But if you has absolutely no displacement/instability of the knee on examination then you don't need an MRI.

As far as a Glute tear, it can take 6 months to heal if bad. Maybe more. That doesn't mean no lifting, just that you'll feel a twinge and also that it could be reinjured.


Went back and read the earlier posts. Since you never had a traumatic injury, I think you hade muscular imbalances and tightness.


6 months?
U r kidding,right?
Stupid-isnt it?How we all feel invincible ,and take short cuts and then screw ourselves up...

I saved a lot of time by jumping warm ups and by not placing importance on stuff like adductors...
And now I`m paying for it..
Sucks !

I`m not criticizing u or anything...this stuff just came out.....


I would not come on here looking for medical advise. If it is that much of a concern see another physician for a second opinion.


Sounds like good advice to increase bloodflow and maintain range of motion. Maybee some A.R.T. if adhesions are present or develope.