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Docs Can't Help. Low T, Low LH at 21

Hey guys,

I need help. I have really low T and low LH at a very young age. And the symptoms are really eating away at my confidence for a while now.

Im training and eating good since puberty but never really made good gains. Even years later I have a low amount of muscle mass. I can squat 400 pounds with stick like 26inch legs, not even shredded. Its crazy.

Libido is no problem. Im very attracted to girls and had a few gfs but always had the same problem. I get attracted but feeling not that much pleasure or a strong errection in the act.

No facial hair or manly face development. Im not ugly or anything, but I look like Im 16/17 at 21years old.

Did bloodwork 3 times over the last few months, will add them to this post.
I have enough iron, omega 3, vit d3, zinc, magnesium and protein in my diet to build testosterone.
Tried selene and iodine supplementation for over 6 weeks to be sure its not a thyroid issue.
Sleep is always above 8 hours with good sleep hygiene, cortisol is not too high and I train 5-6 days per week. Cholosterol is only between 100-200mg, but I have heard the body can produce it on his own anyways so I dont think thats the reason. Especially because LH is low too.

Went to 3 docs. First one told me he cant do anything, because Im too young. Second one sent me to another one and the last one wanted to describe me testo gel…
I dont think the last one is a good course of action. Killing my testo production at this age and maybe never being able to get kids seems stupid. Wanted to try clomid, but in germany the docs are very strict and not open for ideas like that.

Any ideas for natural causes? Would appreciate any help or ideas.

@bouncy42 “Libido is no problem. Im very attracted to girls and had a few gfs but always had the same problem. I get attracted but feeling not that much pleasure or a strong errection in the act”
Something tells me you watch porn with no problem at all but in real life with a real girl it is not great, be honest Am I wrong?

They don’t build testosterone. Good to have enough in your diet, but not for that. Your T is too low, it’s out of range low. You need a professional to help you, and probably need TRT.

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Wrong. Im generally not the guy who watches much porn that much. I dont get excited about it at all, so I dont get motivated to do it even if it would feel good.

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Talked with a few “professionals”, but it seems like:

  1. They somehow know less than me or dont have the time to think longer about the topic.
  2. They cant help me much, because in germany the doc is liable for almost every prescribtion, so they will do nothing at all or something extremly safe (in their opinion) which probably will create more problems than solving them. (the more I read about the gel, the more I think its a really bad idea)

I want to have kids in the future and seeing my LH already being quite low, I would love to fix the root problem in a more natural way if thats possible. Reason for low T is low LH, so fixing low LH makes more sense for me. Arent there any “natural” reasons that can downregulate the LH production?

Why is the great question. Most of us have labs like yours before TRT, and MRI’s, and lots of stuff, and did not find the cause. A pituitary MRI is normal procedure. Sometimes guys can do a restart and it works - but not usually. Sometimes cleaning up diet and exercise helps, but most of us were already at least somewhat on top of that.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.And nobody on this forumwas able to get his testosterone up significantly without using some kind of medicament? Having to think about if I can live without ever having “my own” kids is quite a challenge at my age and I would rather avoid thinking about that. Especially because I dont understand how I can have that low T at my age. Furthermore, as I said, I dont think any doctor in germany will prescribe me a good TRT therapy or some form of SARM.

Low T and infertility are different things. TRT does not mean that you cannot have your “Own” kids.

At 21 lots of us looked younger. If you watch TV, plenty of 20 somethings play teen roles. Dont sweat it. Get tested every year and keep track of your T levels but dont consider TRT yet. Instead of working out and going heavy, go for esthetics. Drive a muscle car, or work on things with your hands, other than your dick. Stop porn and watch things get better.


You mean your Corvette didn’t resolve your issues for you? LOL.

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Doesnt it lead to lower sperm counts and at some point to infertility?

Yeah, my father and mother both look very young. Still kinda bothers me, because it hits on my confidence a little bit, but I could live with that just fine.

The two things that bother me the most is the lack of pleasure and performance progress. That amount of testosterone isnt healthy for my age, especially at my lifestyle. A good friend of mine looks young too and got tested a year back at 700, while living as unhealthy as it can get.

Any ideas on what I could try naturally to get my LH/Testo going?

btw as I said Im not into porn lol

Where are you loacted?

Germany. NRW.

Damn… I don’t know anyone in that area unfortunately :pensive:

Haha… wellll I haven’t driven mine in like 2 years so, maybe that’s the one fix I’ve been missing

I really don’t understand people who have a problem with looking young. Like… old people sometimes spend an absurd amount of money to try to look younger, and then because you look young you’d rather look older? Seems like a “the grass is always greener on the other side” kind of thought process to me.

I personally drive a 1974 RR Silver Shadow. A C3 corvette is where its at though. My point is that way too many kids today are ultra focused on Youtube and IG success stories of dweeb gets laid once he gets on TRT. I see it all of the time. I say this guy is not training right, and he already wants juice.

I’ll stick with my C6, 700’ish rwhp is fun