Doc Wrote the HCG Script, Questions

Doctor wrote the script for hCG, but I have a couple of questions.

#1) My insurance won’t cover it (but covers the androgel) and it the bill will be $134 (it isn’t in yet, will be tomorrow). How much is everyone else paying?

#2) The Dr wrote it for 250iu SC EOD. The pharmacy called back and said they only do hCG with the IM injections. Should I just throw their recommendations out and do the SC anyway? Or follow the instructions?

My insurance covers it for hypogonadism for $30/mo. Do it SC with a 29g skin pin.

Any resistance from the Doc when you brought up the hCG talk?

yeah, my HCG is about the same, but it last for 80-90 days - so not too bad… would still like insurance to cover it…

No real resistance from the Dr. Told him it was needed to maintain fertility.

How long does it last? The pharmacist thought that it wouldn’t last that long, and that was the cost concern.


I have used the same vial for 60 days and could definitely tell a difference in the quality of product by the end of 30 days.

I have never been able to find a definite answer to how long HCG lasts.

The manufacturers says 30 days and some people agree with that, other people say 60 days is no problem, and then some state they have “tested” their bottle at 80 days and it still had full potency (not sure how they tested it though).

i use my bottle for 80 days, I just start very slowly increasing my dose in the last 40 days to make up for any possible decrease in active components.


Remind the pharmacy that the doc can prescribe SC or IM. Explain that research for this low dose hCG delivery in males was based on SC and determined the 250iu SC EOD dose as effective.

Why would you ever want to do HcG IM anyway? Is this a female delivery?

Because the amounts for females is large and often a one event dose for IVF, the practice has been IM. We now know that SC does work well. But the product literature will never change and everyone gets stuck on that. BB Bros probably think that SC is for wimps and that you should man-up and inject IM. So we have those points of resistance to SC.

Same thing when you mention subQ T. They don’t want to hear it

So between the old literature, docs and bros, the situation can be difficult.