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Doc Won't Approve HCG, What Supplement Should I Add


I have been to well over a dozen docs (mix of Urologists, Endocrinologists, Family Docs, and an OBGYN)…none of them will subscribe HCG. Add in the fact that even if they would, my insurance won’t cover it and I am kind of stuck looking for an alternative.

From my understanding, HCG mimics Lutenizing Hormone (LH) that is shut down due to no releasing of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH). Again, from my understanding, the LH triggers the body to convert Cholesterol into Pregnenolone and DHEA which then convert into several other hormones. I have read of many that recommend taking DHEA if your doctor won’t prescribe HCG. This makes sense for maintaining testicle size and Testosterone production. However, Pregnenolone also breaks down into Cortisol and some other important hormones. Does it make sense to take Pregnenolone instead of DHEA? Or in addition to it??

In short, I can’ take HCG. Should I take DHEA? Or Pregnenolone?? Or a combination of both???


Neither DHEA or Pregnenolone are adequate substitutes for hCG with regard to preventing testicular atrophy. They are both hormones that the testicles produce, although not primarily which is why some take it while on trt. There’s another alternative to hcg in simulating both LH and FSH but it is much more expensive than hcg.

If you value your testicles, I would keep looking for another dr and pay out of pocket. I pay $180 every 3 months. I’ve heard of some paying 1/3 of that OOP. Depends on the compounding pharmacy.


Believe me, I fully understand that ideally I would be on hCG. However, after over a dozen docs I can’t find one that will prescribe it. Given that I have been on Testosterone for a while, my testicles are fairly well shrunk and it doesn’t really bother me (and the pain from shrinking is all gone). I have no desire for sperm production…so, really I am mainly worried about hormone replacement.

So, agian:



or both???


Then there’s the “self medicate” option from overseas pharmacies … It’s not something everyone’s comfortable with but, many are, including me.


Its pretty simple to answer in that case. Were your pre trt dhea and pregnenolone levels normal? Even if you don’t know you can get labs done post trt to see if they’re in range optimal. If they’re not in range optimal and are low then, supplement. If they are, don’t supplement. That’s the only way to know for sure if YOU should supplement.