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Doc Wants My Level at 900. Too High?

My clinic said their goal is to increase my weekly injection dosage until I am at 800-900.

I am an overweight 37 year old male and my original blood test came back at 434, with a free testosterone level of 11.

They currently have me at 180mg per week, and will look at my first blood test to see how much they want to increase it. After the first two monthly blood tests, they introduce a cycle of HCG to boost it further.

Judging by the size of the guys in the waiting room, they keep the levels pretty high here. I look like a marshmallow compared to these guys. Is this the right level to keep me at long term?

It varies from person to person. A younger guy may do better at those levels whereas an older guy probably doesn’t need them. its all relative. Find out wha tworks for you…base your adjustments on smyptoms first, labwork second.

Honestly…just look at your doc and say ‘Thank you’. :slight_smile: