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Doc Visit for Low Test

I am 46 years old. Just by being this age,
I know my natural levels are low.

At 43, I was the strongest I had ever been. 365lbs bench. Then, too much work
load for job killed by lifting.
I am now ready to get back into being
and Iron Worker.

I used MAG-10 during that personal best
lifting but no MAG-10 around anymore! Sucks!

Due to the price of all these sups I
think visiting the doc and getting the
real stuff is a probable. (Thoguhts anyone?)

When I do go to the docs ofc, it would
be in my best interest to have the lowest “test” levels possible to convince my doc of what I want and need.

For a short term, i.e doc ofc visit,
what can I do to make my testosteron levels “lowest” possible? I obviously
don’t want high test levels via supplements.

If the results are low, what would I
ask for? Androgel patch, shots, what?
Never used steriods so I don’t know
much about them.