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Doc Told Me I'd Get a Heart Attack

Doctor just called me and said my cholesterol is the worst he has seen in 30 years of being a doctor and that i would get a hear attack if i did not stop using the ‘supplements’ im taking.

I’ve beeing using for 3 years now and never really had a break, the past few months it’s only been EQ and Test E twice per week and now recently added tren to get that summer body going. However this will have to stop, I can’t just stop all at once so im asking people with experience, what should I do? Just do Test E twice or once per week for a few months?

Do some research on red yeast rice for cholesterol. From what I recall, in clinical studies it performed as well as or better than prescription statins. Forget what dosing you should use, easy to find if you google. Also, take CoQ10 with it, as red yeast rice supplementation can lower your natural levels of this as well.

Is this the first time you’ve had labs drawn in the last 3 years? Staying on near continuous is frowned upon in most circles, but talk to guys like Louie Simmons and he’s been on something consistently since the late 70s with no real issues. I get labs drawn about once per year or so, when I should probably do it more often, but come on man. Cholesterol is one of the most prevalent side effects from ‘supplement’ use. You need to get checked more often if you’re going to do that.

EDIT: Diet is also an area where you can clean up/fix some of your cholesterol issues. For example, I eat eggs every morning for breakfast. Literally, every morning with very few exceptions. Never had an issue till I started TRT 5 years ago. My theory is thus: your body needs cholesterol to produce test naturally, once you start using endogenous test your body is no longer producing and therefore no longer using the cholesterol, allowing levels to start climbing. An easy fix in my case was to start removing about half the yolks from my eggs each morning. That lowered my cholesterol at the time, and now I take RYR and CoQ10 when I am cycling to try and blunt the damage.

Thanks for your answer and tips, buying some red yeast rice and CoQ10 after i read some positive things about them. I used to be super healthy my diet was nearly perfect and i was doing a lot of cardio too.

Now for the last 2 years my diet is not very good although it is not bad, however i do not do any cardio anymore so, i’l stick to a TRT dose, do more cardio and try to make my diet better.
I think it will be hard dieting when your off gear as results come much slower… But that’s just a mental thing, my health is more important.

Careful, RYR does lower LDL numbers, but it isn’t quite comparable to a statin and not as effective. The vast majority of RYR that have been tested contain bad shit, even some having fecal matter. It helps lower the number, but does not protect you in other ways like a statin does. I used RYR at 1200mg daily for several years, lowered my cholesterol ~80 points, but was still WAY over the healthy range.

RYR is not the solution to this man’s problems if his numbers are actually as high as the doctor is saying.

How old are you OP? What were your LDL , HDL, and triglycerides?

How many mg of each substance are you taking?
By using does this mean you’ve been running a blast for 3 years straight or have you been cruising at a low dose of test(125mg or less per week) for at least half that time? If you haven’t been doing the later, then there’s you answer to bad cholesterol.
The guy who sold me my first vial of gear used to blast the whole time, he died in his sleep in his late 20’s.

By blast are we referring to like 300mg/wk full time or like… Seriously blasting, flat out cycling 24/7?

20s is younger than most heavy abusers slip away, typically 30s-50s

All AAS in high dosages exert a deleterious effect upon cholesterol, but tren in particular is very harsh on cholesterol, probably even comparable to orals (aside from winny)

How much test, tren and EQ were you using.

I don’t know how much he was on, just that he was on all the time. His beginner cycle for me was 800mg/wk of sustanon, which is not what I would recommend for a beginner cycle, (400-500mg/wk). He had access to a lot of shit, I could have bought tren for my first cycle, but I new even then that tren not for beginners.
I’m betting he had some underlying condition, that lots of steroids exacerbated. It was a real shock to everyone that knew him. He was a nice guy, but everyone told him he should take a break once in a while.

Did you try 800mg sustanon? Or did you start out with 4-500mg/wl?

800mg, I didn’t know any better then. I my hair started thinning, and even had pimples on my scalp, so I learnt high levels of test weren’t good for me Even when I got some experience I never went over 600mg of steroids a cycle(200mg test max as part of a stack).

How bad exactly were you’re lipids?

What dose of test, tren, EQ were you on?

Just curious

On the first cycle it was just sustanon, nothing else. I don’t think I’ll ever touch tren.