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Doc to Prescribe Hcg?

I’m considering Hcg but my endo won’t prescribe
As he doesn’t believe in it for TRT.

Any ideas on how I can get this prescribed without having to resort to men’s clinics/ online
Clinics that charge hundreds of dollars per month
Covering everything when I have everything covered for free through insurance except hcg.


Current protocol Test cyp 50mg MWF, Arimidex .17mg MWF.
Interested in hcg for testicle shrinkage and mood not baby making
As an aside I have found Arimidex a bitch to deal with and am considering switch to Aromasin. Levels seem to vary quite a bit ( hard time nailing down right dose) and sometimes I feel pretty good other times not so good.
I have been on Arimidex only about 6 weeks

Did you ever deal with the thyroid, iodine and oral body temperature issues that I put in prior thread(s)?

Have you told doc that you really want to preserve your testes with hCG and asked what the imperative is to have them shrinking? Remind doc that hCG is a natural human hormone and not a drug and that we all are exposed to very high levels of hCG for months in the womb. If the push back is insurance, you can pay with cash as the pharmacy. There really is nothing about “do no harm” that applies in this case.